Workers’ Compensation

Can You File for Workers Comp in Atlanta if You’re Over 65?

workers comp claim form

When we’re growing up, people told us that we would retire when we turn 65. You can ask your parents if that’s really the case. Most people can’t retire this young. They end up working well into their seventies. Even if they’re working part-time, they’re still working. Part of this is out of financial need.…

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What is the Georgia Worker’s Compensation Bill of Rights?

A work safety document.

If you work in Georgia, then you’ve probably seen a poster in your workplace outlining your Worker’s Compensation Bill of Rights. Most people never read this poster. They can’t imagine that they’ll ever need to know what these rights are. They figure workplace injuries happen to other people – not them. However, anyone could suffer…

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7 Things You Need to Know About Workers Compensation in Georgia

A man on a computer filing a worker's comp claim.

If you get injured at work in Georgia, you’re going to need to file a claim for worker’s compensation. This is your only remedy. You can’t file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer with a worker’s compensation lawyer. The only way to get compensation for your injuries is to pursue your worker’s comp claim.…

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Will Your Workers’ Comp Claim for PTSD Be Approved in Georgia?

Workers Comp Claim for PTSD

In Georgia, it is very hard to get workers’ compensation for a mental injury. Some other states are a bit more liberal when it comes to these sorts of cases. For example, some states don’t require a physical injury in order to qualify for workers’ comp. And, while Georgia does not automatically preclude these sorts…

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Can You File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Georgia for a Mental Injury?

Mental Injury

Most workers’ comp cases are pretty straight forward. An employee gets hurt while on the job. Maybe they hurt their back or suffered a traumatic brain injury. They file an accident report with their Human Resources office. Their accident is referred to the company’s workers’ compensation insurance company. They either approve the claim or deny…

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Light-Duty Work Restrictions and Workers’ Compensation

Light Duty Work Restrictions

When work-related accidents happen, they can be devastating. This doesn’t include just the physical injury because it often overflows into our financial situations and our relationships. Tension and strain can be even higher if the injury causes even a temporary disability, or light-duty work restrictions that your employer won’t comply with. You may end up…

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Why Can’t I Post About My Workers’ Compensation Case on Facebook?

Workers Compensation Case

Fraud in a workers’ compensation case is something to be taken seriously. Across the country, including the state of Georgia, there have been numerous cases where employees have exaggerated job-related injuries to receive compensation. How do they get caught? For help with legitimate on-the-job injuries, you should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia. Georgia’s…

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What Happens If I Don’t Report My Workplace Accident For A Few Weeks?

Report a Workplace Accident

In the state of Georgia, employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance if they employ three or more workers. The point of having the insurance is to protect an employer from being sued for damages by the employee and give the employee benefits so that they do not lose all their wages while recovering…

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