Compensable Work Injuries in Newnan

Is my injury compensable under workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia? If you are injured at work in Newnan, Georgia, and wondering whether you can claim compensation for your injuries, you have come to the right place. Workers’ comp insurance compensates for work-related injuries from the initial day you start employment.

Not all injuries qualify for workers’ compensation. Knowing if you have compensable work injuries in Newnan, Georgia can be difficult if you’re not well-versed in the law. Workers’ comp laws are complicated in Georgia. You need to hire the best attorneys to handle your case and obtain maximum benefits for your condition.

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What Are Compensable Work Injuries in Newnan, Georgia?

A work-related injury has to satisfy two important conditions to be compensable under Georgia’s workers’ comp laws.

Your Injury Must Be Caused by Your Work

There should be a cause-and-effect connection between the injuries you have suffered and the nature of the work you perform. If you suffer a heart attack while walking across your workplace, it won’t qualify as a compensable injury under Georgia’s workers’ comp laws. But if you suffer a heart attack while you are performing the job, it will be compensated under Georgia’s workers’ comp benefits.

The Injury Must Occur While You’re Performing Your Job

For example, if you are injured while having lunch in the lunchroom, it isn’t a compensable injury. But if you are injured while having lunch in a client’s office and you were there as part of your job, it is considered a compensable injury. A qualified and experienced workers’ comp lawyer is the best person to evaluate your case and help obtain maximum benefits for your injuries.

Common Workplace Injuries

Newnan Workers Compensation Compensable Injury Infographic

Here is a list of some of the most common workplace injuries you can claim under workers’ comp insurance in Newnan, GA:

Slip and fall

Slip and fall accidents can happen in any workplace. Wet floors, uneven cords, scattered debris, and many other hazards exist in workplaces. Employees can easily slip and fall when they step on such hazards.


Limb amputations are common in workplaces where heavy machinery and equipment are utilized. Serious injuries result from these types of accidents in workplaces.


If you work with fire and extreme heat hazards, burns can be a common type of injury in your workplace. Employees working in these places are more common to receiving burn injuries.


Bone fractures are another type of common injury in workplaces. Fractures can happen due to slipping and falling accidents and operating heavy equipment and machinery.

Concept of compensable work injuries in Newnan, Georgia

Joint Injuries

Neck, back, shoulder, and knee injuries are common in workplaces where heavy lifting is involved. If you lift heavy objects the wrong way, you can easily suffer from joint injuries.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is quite common in the construction industry. The extreme noise in constriction sites can result in hearing loss in construction employees over time.

Accidents While Traveling for Business

An employee can sustain injuries while traveling for work. Such employees qualify to receive workers’ comp insurance since they are representing the company and performing their duties.

What Types of Compensation Do You Get for Work Injuries in Georgia?

Any employee injured while performing his/her job in Newnan, GA can claim the following benefits for their injuries.

  • Medical Expenses

Medical expenses include past and future medical treatment costs, ambulance charges, prescription medications, hospital stays, surgical equipment charges, and more. An authorized medical practitioner should treat the patient and recommend appropriate treatments for his or her condition.

  • Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Costs & Travel Expenses

Workers’ comp pays for physical therapy and rehabilitation costs. It also pays for the cost of traveling to and from the hospital or the treating physician.

  • Disability Benefits

WC insurance pays disability benefits depending on the extent of the injuries sustained by the employee and how long he or she takes to recuperate. There are four types of disability benefits such as temporary partial benefits, temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits, and permanent total disability benefits.

  • Death Benefits

Death benefits are paid to dependents when an employee succumbs to his or her injuries.

How Long Do You Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Newnan?

The injured worker needs to report the injury to his/her employer or immediate supervisor within 30 days of the accident and subsequent injuries. This is the most important thing to remember when you are injured on the job. You have one year after the accident to file a claim. You need to file the claim before this timeframe to claim maximum benefits for your injuries.

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