Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Jeffersonville, GA

Any employee who gets injured on the job can file a workers’ comp claim in Jeffersonville, GA. If you are hurt on the job, it is your right to get medical treatment and a weekly paycheck equivalent to your wages. Even though this is what the law says, your employer’s insurer may dispute your claim and deny you any benefits. Some other times, they may compensate you but not give you full benefits.

The above is why you need an experienced Jeffersonville worker’s comp lawyer to represent you in your case. A lawyer will ensure that your rights are enforced so that you can get the compensation you deserve. The worker’s comp lawyer will assess your case and figure out the maximum benefits you should get, then ensure that you get exactly that.

Insurance companies often find reasons to deny your claim so that they will not let their companies lose money to injured employees. They also have a team of lawyers defending the company’s interests, which means you will have a challenging case without a reliable lawyer.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition, we will go through your case and ensure that you file the claim properly, which is the first step towards getting your compensation. Our team has handled both settlement negotiations and courtroom cases, and we are always confident that we will get our clients the benefits they deserve.

Let us represent you while you rest and recuperate from your injuries so that you can be ready to get your life back on track. Call us today for a free case review and let us handle the workers’ comp claim process in Jeffersonville, GA.

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How Can I Know if My Injury Will Be Covered By a Workers’ Comp Claim?

You qualify for worker’s comp from the first time you start your job, according to the law in the State of Georgia. As long as you are injured on the job, you are eligible for a paycheck and medical treatment.

As much as this is what the law says, your employer’s insurer will not always be willing to pay full benefits for employees that are injured on the job. They will be protecting the company, not you. It is why you should hire a lawyer to represent you and advocate for your rights.

A lawyer can help you determine if you have compensable injuries. They will go through your claim and communicate to you whether the claim is valid or not.

The categories that deem your injury as compensable in the State of Georgia are:

  • If your injury resulted from the work you do: The injury you sustained has to be from your job, there has to be a direct relationship between your injuries and your job.
  • You sustained the injury during your job, and at the workplace: If you sustained the injury outside of the workplace but you were carrying out work-related tasks, then your lawyer will ensure you get compensation. Such a process may be challenging.

Jeffersonville Workers Compensation Claims Process Infographic

Some of the most common injuries in a workplace are:

  • Burns: These are caused by places that have high levels of heat.
  • Amputation: Some machinery/workplace equipment can pull off a part of your limbs, which may mean that the employee will have to get an amputation. (if the limb cannot be reattached)
  • Neck and back injuries: Many employees sustain spine and neck injuries from lifting heavy equipment or other work-related issues.
  • Slip and fall accidents from wet floors, poorly placed work equipment, poor lighting, or other causes. These may cause fractures.
  • Accidents when traveling for work-related duties.
  • Accidents when operating workplace machinery.
  • Hearing loss from loud workplace equipment.
  • Joint pain from heavy lifting.

Getting injured while at the workplace means that you are eligible for:

  • Medical care
  • Physical therapy
  • Travel expenses for any injury-related travel
  • Medication and prescriptions from an authorized physician.

Concept of filing a workers' comp claim in Jeffersonville, GA

How Long Do You Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Jeffersonville, GA?

You have one year from the day of the incident to file a worker’s comp claim.

You should report the injury to your supervisor with 30 days of the incident. Your employer should then contact the insurance company to get notified of what benefits you will receive.

If your claim is denied, you have one year from the time you received your last authorized medical treatment to file a claim or two years from your last payment of weekly benefits. You will file the claim with the State Board of Worker’s Compensation.

How to File the Workers’ Comp Claim in Jeffersonville, Georgia?

Once you get injured, there is the possibility that you will not be capable of filing the claim yourself. You should hire a lawyer to file the claim for you and assess its eligibility. Here is the process of filing a worker’s comp claim in Jeffersonville, Ga.

You should start by filing Form WC-14 with the Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation. This form should be sent to your employer and your employer’s insurance carrier. Your lawyer can ensure this is done efficiently to avoid delays in receiving your benefits. Your employer should get you an authorized medical provider to assess the injury.

Your claim will then be investigated during the discovery process, which is where you will also be deposed. If there is a need for extra evidence regarding your injury, you may be required to take an independent medical examination.

Get a Lawyer for Your Jeffersonville Workers’ Comp Case

As an employee that wishes to file for worker’s compensation in Jeffersonville, Georgia, you should contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition to get a lawyer that can represent your interests in the case. We are experienced and dedicated lawyers that have dealt with various worker’s compensation cases and won full benefits for our clients.

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