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Occupational sicknesses or injuries are often an inconvenience for not only the victim but also their family. Managing a work-related injury or illness can be challenging considering that, in some instances, an injured worker will have to spend time out of work to recover.

As someone who’s been injured while performing their duties, you might be worried about how you and your family will get by since you can no longer go to work and provide.

Workers’ compensation provides the medical care and benefits injured employees need to manage their injuries and provide for their families.

It’s worth noting that pursuing a workers’ comp claim can sometimes be complicated by the fact that your employer and their insurance providers are out to ensure they save money by either denying your claim or paying you the least amount of money.

If you want to increase your chances of receiving maximum benefits for your injuries or illness, consider hiring a reliable and experienced Peachtree Corners workers’ compensation lawyer and have them represent you.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we are experts when it comes to Georgia workers’ comp laws. We understand what it takes to pursue a workers’ comp claim in the state. Over the years, our attorneys have helped thousands of workers in Georgia receive the benefits they deserve and can help you too!

Therefore, if you need help filing a workers’ compensation claim or would like to learn more about the workers’ comp claims process, call us at 470-518-5026 and schedule a no-cost case review.

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What’s Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ comp is a type of insurance coverage that’s meant to protect employees from the losses associated with work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers’ comp is a nationally mandated, state-backed insurance cover that any organization employing more than two staff members must carry to protect its staff.

As long as you are employed by a company that fits the bill, you are eligible to file for benefits in the event you get injured at work.

In Georgia, injured workers can recover the following benefits through a workers’ comp claim:

  • Medical benefits: These typically cover all the expenses incurred on treatment
  • Disability Benefits: You can recover a percentage of your weekly income while you’re partially or totally disabled.
  • Physical therapy
  • Vocation rehabilitation costs
  • Prescription meds
  • Travel expenses

Since the laws that govern workers’ compensation vary from one state to the other, you should consider working closely with a professional, reputable, and experienced lawyer that specializes in and understands how Georgia workers’ compensation law work. Get in touch with us at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition today for more information on how we can help you.

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt While Doing My Job?

Peachtree Corners Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
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As an injured employee, there are things you are expected to do to increases your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve. These things include:

  1. Seek medical attention right away even if you feel like your injury or illness isn’t that serious. It’s always best to have a doctor assess your situation and rule out any risks.
  2. Report your injury(s) or illness to your employer or any other authority (manager, supervisor, or team leader) in the company so they know that you got injured while working and that you need immediate medical care.
  3. Ask your employer or the person in charge to write a report that covers the accident, and make sure that it covers the extent and nature of your illness or injury.
  4. Take photos of your injuries and send them to your lawyer or keep them safe as they will probably be used as evidence to prove your case. Also, make sure you keep a file of all the records you receive about your injury as well.
  5. Hire a professional and experienced workers’ comp attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation claims and have them help you deal with filing and pursuing your compensation claim.
  6. Rest and recover.

What Are Some of the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

Accidents are inevitable and can happen at any time without warning. Some accidents only result in minor injuries while others cause serious damages – it all depends on the nature of work being done and the type of injury sustained.

Common workplace injuries workers in Georgia sustain include:

  • Joint pain
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Burns
  • Hearing loss
  • Back/neck injury
  • Fractures
  • Amputations
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Business travel accident-related injuries
  • Construction accident-related injuries
  • Injuries sustained while operating tools or machinery

Why Hire a Peachtree Corners Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, our main objective as a legal team that only focuses on workers’ comp claims is to fight for our client’s rights and ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve for their injuries.

While workers’ compensation laws are there to protect employees from the financial stresses associated with work-related injuries, there are still loopholes that employers and insurance companies use to ensure that they either deny a claim or pay the least possible amount.

When filing a workers’ comp claim, there are legal procedures and strict deadlines that you are required to meet.

As a worker, you might know that you have rights but probably don’t fully understand the laws that govern workers’ compensation and how they may affect your case; and that’s where the guidance and counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney come into the picture.

Peachtree Corners workers' compensation lawyer

A workers’ injury claim attorney can help you make sense of your situation so you understand if your injuries are compensable, what damages you can pursue, the amount of time you have before you can file a claim, and what you need to do to ensure that your claim is successful.

Apart from that, your attorney will go the extra mile to ensure that they collect the evidence needed to support your claim, help you file the necessary reports and notices, negotiate terms with your employer and represent you in court to ensure you receive the best possible settlement for your damages.

For help pursuing a workers’ compensation claim in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, call the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition to learn more.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

At Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we understand that treating work-related injuries and illnesses can be expensive, something that makes it difficult for any injured worker to afford the services of a workers’ comp attorney.

As the go-to legal services providers in Peachtree Corners, we aim to make things easy for injured workers seeking benefits for their injuries, which is why we offer our services on a contingency fee basis.

Through this option, you get the opportunity to retain the services of our workers’ compensation attorneys without having to worry about paying legal fees and other costs upfront.

The idea behind the contingency fee structure is that you only get to pay for services rendered once our attorneys win the case and you receive compensation for your injuries or illness. If we fail to get you the benefits you deserve by the end of the claim, then you are free to walk away no questions asked.

What Do I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Claim Gets Denied?

There are several reasons why a claim might get denied. However, that doesn’t mean that that’s the end of the matter. As an injured worker, you still have the option to appeal the decision by filing a request to have your claim reviewed by a Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation judge.

During the appeal, the judge will hear your case and then determine whether the denial was justified or not before making a ruling.

What Responsibilities Does the Employee Have When it Comes to Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

As a worker in Georgia, there are things you are expected by law to do when pursuing a workers’ comp claim. You’re expected to:

  1. Report your accident to your employer or superiors immediately it happens and make sure the accident is well documented.
  2. Notify your employer of any sickness or injuries you sustained while performing your duties at work within thirty days from the day you got injured.
  3. When receiving treatment, honestly and truthfully explain your illness or injury and how it occurred to the doctor treating you.
  4. Follow the State Board of Workers’ Compensation’s guidelines regarding your treatment.
  5. Agree to undergo a drug test after the incident if your insurer or employer says it’s mandatory.
  6. Make sure the statements you give when filing your claim are honest and truthful. Giving misleading or false facts could lead to you getting charged with a misdemeanor.

What Responsibilities Do Employers Have in the Workers’ Comp Process?

While an employer’s main responsibility is to ensure that they carry workers’ comp insurance for their staff, they still have a few responsibilities that they are required to honor.

For instance, it’s their responsibility to ensure that any workplace-related injury is reported to the SBWC and ensure they keep the worker’s position open so that they can resume work after recovering.

It’s also their responsibility to ensure that they continue contributing toward the employee’s work benefits such as a pension, health insurance, and life insurance without fail.

Injury report form and hard hat

Can Workers in Georgia be Fired for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

No, you cannot be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia. If your employer is currently threatening to dismiss you for filing a claim, get in touch with our lawyers near Peachtree Corners. We are here to help you.

Is There a Time Limit for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim in Georgia?

Yes! The statute of limitations for filing a workers’ comp claim in Georgia is one year from the day the injury happened. So, if you are thinking of pursuing a workers’ comp claim in Georgia, you need to act fast.

Can I Sue My Employer?

No, you can’t! Workers’ comp is designed to protect both you and your employer. As a result, injured workers can’t sue their employers for injuries sustained even if it’s evident that the injuries were due to negligence on the employer’s part.

Can Independent Contractors File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

The only individuals that can file for workers’ comp benefits in Georgia are permanent or statutory employees. That means that anyone who works under an independent workers’ contract, gets paid a specific price for a job rather than an hourly/weekly wage, or has control over how they work when they work, and where the work is exempt.

What’s My Peachtree Corners Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth?

Several factors determine what a workers’ compensation claim is going to be worth. To know how much your claim might be worth, considering hiring the services of a professional Peachtree Corners workers’ compensation lawyer and have them calculate things for you.

Some of the factors that attorneys and insurance companies used to determine the worth of a claim include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses: includes the cost of treatment, therapy, surgery, prescription medication, and rehabilitation
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
  • Any travel expenses incurred when going for treatment
  • expenses

Get in Touch With Our Peachtree Corners Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers’ compensation laws in Georgia have very specific guidelines that have to be followed when filing a claim. Understanding these guidelines is crucial to ensuring that you stand a chance of receiving the benefits you deserve for your injuries.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we understand the hurdles that injured workers encounter when pursuing workers’ compensation claims and can help you navigate them so you have an easier time seeking the benefits you deserve.

To learn more about how our Peachtree Corners workers’ compensation lawyers can help you when pursuing a claim, call 470-518-5026 or use our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation today.