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Work-related injuries and illnesses vary in severity. For some, the injuries are minor and require you to rest for a few days before they can return to work to their full capacity. For others, unfortunately, the injuries leave them with permanent disabilities that they have to live with for the rest of their lives. But how do you know your workplace injury has resulted in permanent disability?

The answer lies with your authorized treating physician. Your on-the-job injury results in a permanent disability when your doctor establishes that you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) – a point where your medical condition cannot improve even with appropriate additional treatment. When your condition does not improve after you exhaust all reasonable treatment options, our Powder Springs workers’ compensation lawyers can help you with your case.

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

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Maximum medical improvement or MMI is when the healing process of an injured worker’s workplace injury or illness reaches its maximum point. When the injury or illness has improved to the point where it is medically impossible to improve further. The worker’s on-the-job injury or illness may disable or cause them pain for the rest of their lives, but a qualified doctor has established that they will not get any better because they have achieved the maximum improvement.

MMI may occur in the course of treatment as the treatment may be aimed at maintaining a certain level of functionality. Remember, maximum medical improvement is not an indication of the injured worker’s improving condition – it just means that the illness or injury has improved as much as it medically possible in the authorized treating physician’s opinion.

Who Determines When You Have Reached MMI in Powder Springs, GA?

In Georgia, only your authorized treating doctor can determine if you have reached MMI. After a medical assessment, your authorized treating physician can determine that you have improved as much as you are going to from your job-related injury.

Your employer can not determine that you have or should have reached MMI. If an injured worker’s employer attempts to make such a claim, understand that it has no legal effect on the employer’s claim.

Additionally, nurse case managers or physical therapists are not legally qualified to determine when a worker has reached MMI after their on-the-job injury. Only the authorized WC doctor can make this crucial determination and then assign a disability rating.

Sometimes injured workers may feel like they are all better and that they can’t get any better. An injured worker can’t make this determination on their own. Their authorized treating physicians may have alternatives that they are yet to try which can improve their medical condition.

Does Treatment Continue After Maximum Medical Improvement?

As per the workers’ compensation laws in Georgia, you are entitled to receive medical treatment even after you achieve MMI.

The insurance company will be wrong if they try to deny you medical treatment arguing that you cannot get any better.

The laws in Georgia require insurance companies to pay for medical treatment that will give you relief from pain. Even after you have reached MMI, you may still need pain relief or reduction treatment or any other treatment that can help you cope with your condition.

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What If You Cannot Return to Work at the Same Level After MMI?

Even after being given an MMI diagnosis, you might find it very hard to return to work because of your injuries. Note that, in Georgia, if you cannot go back to work and perform at the same level after you have reached MMI, you can continue to receive weekly benefits and medical treatment.

You may continue to receive these benefits for up to 400 weeks, after which your workers’ compensation coverage will end.

Be mindful that in most cases, once you have achieved Maximum Medical Improvement in Georgia, your employer’s insurance company might decide on settling the case. This usually happens when your medical treatment winds down or plateaus. They assume that you may have already received the best medical treatment, and you understand the type of injury or illness you will be living with for the rest of your days.

We Handle Powder Springs Maximum Medical Improvement Cases

Did you sustain an on-the-job injury or illness? Well, in Georgia, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But, you can only be eligible for these benefits if you meet certain criteria. Once you make the cut for receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you should be able to receive them with the help of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.

If you have to continue receiving your medical benefits, you have to understand what your doctor tells you about your maximum medical improvement. If your doctor issues you with a disability rating, the attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition can ensure you receive enough compensation to help you cope with your condition for as long as possible.

Over the years we have been in practice, we have worked with numerous insurance companies. Thus, we understand that they are likely to shortchange clients to avoid paying out large sums. But, if you are lowballed, it’s because you did not hire the best lawyers for the job. We understand how workers’ compensation works, including the intricacies of maximum medical improvement. If you have reached MMI, we can help you understand your legal rights in Powder Springs, GA.

If you have any questions concerning your maximum medical improvement diagnosis after an on-the-job injury or illness, do not hesitate to call the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition in Powder Springs to arrange an appointment with Georgia’s best workers’ compensation attorneys. We put our esteemed clients first and are ready to ensure that you get total compensation for your work-related injuries and your Powder Springs maximum medical improvement case.