Compensable Work Injuries in Gainesville, GA

If you get hurt in your place of work or you become ill due to unsafe conditions in your workplace, you are allowed to claim a workers’ compensation claim for your compensable work injuries in Gainesville. Therefore, you have the burden of proving if your work-related illness or injury is compensable. You need to prove you qualify to get compensation.

We encourage you to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you determine if you have compensable work injuries. If your injuries are compensable, your lawyer will handle your workers’ compensation case on your behalf. A knowledgeable and skilled lawyer is more likely to get you everything you are entitled to.

At Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Atlanta, we have the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Gainesville to handle compensable work injuries in Gainesville, GA. Our team of lawyers will not stop until you receive the full compensation you are owed. We will work hard to prove you qualify to get compensated for your injuries and illness.

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What Are Compensable Work Injuries?

Compensable work injuries are either the injuries an employee sustains while performing their normal work duties or the injuries the employee sustains due to the work the employee is doing. Therefore, the cause of the workplace accident should be directly related to the job.

If the employee gets injured while performing work-related activities, then the injury is considered a compensable work injury in Georgia.

Here are the most common injuries and their causes in workplaces:

Slip and Fall Injuries

If there are hazards, such as loose carpets, wet floors, poor lighting, etc., in the workplace, the employee can slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents can cause several injuries, including broken bones, sprains, and even traumatic brain injury. If slip and fall injury happens within the place of work, it is considered workers’ compensable injury.

Machinery Accident Injuries

A lot of employees work with heavy machinery, especially in factories and construction sites. However, it is risky to use the machinery. Unfortunately, faulty machinery can cause injuries in the workplace. If machinery injures you in your workplace, you can claim workers’ compensation for your injuries.

Struck By Objects

Heavy objects can fall onto employees in the workplace. For instance, heavy objects can fall from shelves and struck employees. Machines and tools can fall onto employees and injure them in construction sites. These objects can cause injuries to the employee. They can even lead to wrongful death. That is why they fall under compensable work injuries.

Repetitive Strain Injury

If you always do the same motion over and over again, then repetitive strain injuries can occur. Performing some workplace tasks can cause injuries, such as bursitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and more. It is much better to report symptoms once they appear since it is difficult to prove these injuries.


If you always lift heavy items in your workplace, then overexertion can occur. If your pull your muscle or joint or even slip a disc from overexertion, you can seek compensation for your injuries. However, do not overexert yourself since it can take more time to recover from these injuries.

Falls From a Height

If your job involves working at a great height, such as in utilities, roofing, construction, etc., you can fall from a height and injure yourself. Falling from a height can cause serious injuries, such as fractures, and it can even leave you permanently disabled. You are eligible to seek compensation if you fall from a height.


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What Types of Compensation Can You Claim?

It is difficult for most employees to know what they can claim if they get injured while performing their work. Your employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance to protect you from work-related illnesses and accidents. That is why you need to know the types of compensation you can claim.

Here are the types of compensation you can claim in Georgia:

Medical Care

The insurance company of the employer will pay for the surgical equipment used, hospital stays, ambulance fees, and other medical expenses.

Physical Therapy

In some cases, the employee may need physical therapy to completely recover or become stable. Therefore, the compensation will cover physical therapy.

Medications and Prescriptions

Once the doctor examines and treats the employee, the doctor may prescribe the employee some medications and prescriptions. The compensation also covers the cost of these medications and prescriptions.

Travel Expenses

If the employee must travel for their medical treatments, then the compensation will cover the travel expenses.

Vocational Rehabilitation

In some cases, the employee cannot return to their previous job. Therefore, the employee will need new training before searching for a new job. The compensation will pay for the training.

How Long Do You Have to File for Workers’ Comp in Georgia?

You have one year from the date of the workplace accident to file for compensable work injuries in Georgia. If you went to see a doctor and you got treated, then you have one year from the date you got the medical care to file for compensation. However, you need to report the workplace to your employer within 30 days from the date of the workplace accident.

We’re Experts in Compensable Work Injuries in Gainesville, GA

If you are injured while performing your normal job, the law allows you to seek compensation for your compensable injuries in Georgia. However, it is not easy to get full compensation from the insurance company of your company. It takes lots of effort and energy to get the full compensation.

In addition, you may not have the time and knowledge to fight the insurance company on your own. You will need to hire knowledgeable and reputable workers’ compensation attorneys to protect your rights and get you the maximum benefits.

Once your lawyer determines you have compensable work injuries, your lawyer will work hard to get you medical benefits and rehabilitation costs. If you cannot go back to your job because of your injuries, your lawyer can help you seek a big settlement from your employer.

Looking for the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Gainesville, GA? If so, contact Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Atlanta today. If you were denied benefits, we will help you get them. We hate to see people get unfair settlement offers from insurance companies. We will work hard to get the compensation you deserve.

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