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The recovery phase associated with a workplace injury can be challenging. You are going to have to go through several appointments and this will start to take a toll on you. We understand this at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition and want to help guide you through the claims process as best as possible.

The first step is going to include a medical professional’s diagnosis of maximum medical improvement in Gainesville, GA. You will want to have this diagnosis in hand to make sure you can file for a legal claim easily.

If that is something you are hoping to do, it makes sense to give our Gainesville workers’ compensation lawyers a call at 470-518-5026 . We are always ready to help.

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

Maximum Medical Improvement refers to the inability to get better when dealing with a specific medical condition and/or injury.

There will be a point where you are not going to get better than your current condition. This is a common occurrence when it comes to disability injuries.

When you are in a situation such as this, it will become important to get this official diagnosis. It is the only way to ensure you can convey this information in a workers’ compensation claim. All of this information will matter a lot over the long haul.

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Who Determines When You’ve Reached Maximum Medical Improvement in Gainesville?

When you have reached the status of receiving an MMI diagnosis, you are going to want to ensure it is provided by the right party.

In the state of Georgia, you are going to be expected to receive this diagnosis from a qualified medical professional. This will be a certified doctor that has been handling your recovery process and will know there is no way of getting better.

If you are in this position, it is important to get an official diagnosis. This is going to be a must as you look to move forward with benefits.

Since we have done this for others, we can help shed light on what you are going to need. This can make it easier to collect all of the necessary evidence before you move forward with a legal claim in Gainesville.

To learn more about this, please give the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition a call at 470-518-5026 .

Does Medical Treatment Continue After an MMI Diagnosis?

Medical treatment is not going to be removed from the process once you have received an MMI diagnosis. Instead, you are going to have more than enough time to continue controlling your symptoms.

A lot of people in this type of situation will require pain relief medication. This can include rehabilitative work on improving their quality of life even if the condition itself isn’t going to go away.

Doctor checking man's back injury for maximum medical improvement in Gainesville, GA

This is where medical treatment does matter and it is going to play a key role in how you feel. For those who are in this position, you will want to take the time to see what we can do for you. At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we remain dedicated to working with your MMI diagnosis.

This includes going through all of the relevant details, understanding how to move forward legally, and then filing your workers’ compensation claim in Georgia.

What If You Can’t Return To Work or Perform at the Same Level After Your MMI Diagnosis?

There will be times when you are not going to have the ability to get back to work the way you want to. This can be challenging and it is a situation that will lead to a lot of questions.

As a result, you will want the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition to help out every step of the way. We are going to offer immediate consultation on what to do and what this diagnosis means.

If you are unable to return to work, you will want to apply for workers’ compensation. This is a must to ensure you are still being paid the amount that you need to remain financially healthy. This is not the time to settle for less and that is where we come into play.

By calling us at 470-518-5026 you are going to have the opportunity to wrap up all of these issues quickly.

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As you go through the recovery process after a work injury, you are going to have a long list of questions.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we know how confusing all of this can be. Our law firm has helped clients in this position before and will offer immediate advice on what to do. This will include going through all of your medical reports, assessing how the law works for your situation, and then coming up with a proper claim.

You will want to go with a seasoned professional that will guide you through the process and will take a look at your MMI diagnosis to figure out what should happen legally.

For us, it is all about moving forward in a way that is going to help you out right away. This is the value of choosing a law firm that is all about focusing on your needs and will put your situation first.

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