Compensable Work Injuries in Lawrenceville, GA

Workers’ compensation often seems like an easy concept while at the workplace. You’ll always get paid for your recovery after sustaining an injury, right? Unfortunately, there’s much more involved in workers’ compensation claims that many employees may not know about.

Workers’ comp laws, found in the Georgia Code, Chapter 9, protect workers in the event of work injuries. This insurance policy covers injuries, illnesses, accidents, and deaths that occur while at work. So, what happens when your employer tells you that your injury isn’t compensable?

As an employee, you are entitled to compensation benefits after a workplace injury. The insurance company should cover all your compensable work injuries in Lawrenceville, GA. If you are having trouble securing the compensation you deserve, reach out to an experienced Lawrenceville workers’ compensation lawyer immediately.

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Concept of compensable work injuries in Lawrenceville, Georgia

What Are Compensable Work Injuries in Lawrenceville, GA?

A compensable injury is a work-related injury that qualifies for compensation benefits. This is an injury you sustain while performing work-related duties. According to Georgia state law, an injury at the workplace is compensable if it satisfies these requirements:

If the Injury Is Caused by the Work You Do

Your work injury has to be directly linked to your work. A seasoned lawyer could prove that your injury falls under Lawrenceville’s compensable work injuries if it was caused by the type of work you do.

For instance, if exposure to loud noise leads to hearing loss, our workers’ compensation lawyers in Lawrenceville will prove the cause-effect relationship between your job and the hearing loss.

If the Injury Happened During the Course of Your Job

For your accident to qualify as a compensable work injury, it should have happened while you were on the clock. For example, if you slip and fall in a restaurant during your lunch break, that isn’t considered a compensable injury in Lawrenceville, GA. However, if you slip and fall while attending an official meeting in a client’s office, your injury may be considered compensable. This is because this injury happened while you were performing your job duties.

The National Safety Council reports that the top three causes of work-related injuries in the US are overexertion, slips and falls, and contact with objects. Other causes of injuries include transportation incidents, fire and explosions, violence, and exposure to harmful substances.

The above causes can lead to work injuries, including:

  • Back and neck injuries: Repetitive lifting of heavy objects can result in lower back injuries, strains, sprains, fractured vertebrae, or herniated discs.
  • Burns: Open flames, corrosive chemicals, and faulty gas lines are some causes of burns and explosions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to provide employees working in hazardous and dangerous environments with personal protective equipment such as safety shoes, welding helmets, and gloves.
  • Fractures: Falling from high grounds, being struck by equipment, or falling objects can result in broken bones and fractures.
  • Amputations: Severe force of impact by an object or machinery can result in the loss of limbs.
  • Hearing loss: Exposure to loud noise can result in industrial deafness. Employers should provide employees in sectors such as mining, construction, and manufacturing with appropriate ear protection.
  • Trips, slips, and falls: Hazards such as oily or wet surfaces, clutter, poor lighting, or wrinkled carpets can result in these accidents.
  • Construction accidents: Falling objects, getting stuck in-between objects or machinery, or falling from high grounds can result in severe injuries or even death.
  • Accidents while traveling for business: You may sustain injuries while traveling for official business functions.
  • Accidents while working with machinery or tools: Malfunctioning or defective equipment can result in deadly consequences. Not paying attention while operating a machine or operating a machine while drunk can also cause severe injuries.


Lawrenceville Workers Compensation Compensable Injury Infographic

What Types of Compensation Can You Claim?

If you are injured in a work-related accident in Georgia, you may be eligible to receive compensation benefits for your injuries. Workers compensation laws in Georgia allow injured employees to receive:

Medical benefits

These benefits cover all medical expenses related to your work injury. The insurance company should pay for all your bills, including ambulance fees, doctor appointments, surgery expenses, and medications.

Income benefits

If an employee misses work or cannot return to work completely, the insurance company will have to provide income benefits to replace the employee’s lost wages. You may also be entitled to these benefits if you return to work to perform a modified version of your previous job.

Rehabilitation benefits

Vocational rehabilitation can help you return to work after an injury. It may include on-the-job training and job placement. You may also be entitled to physical therapy to help you regain full mobility after your injury.

How Long Do You Have to File for Compensation in Georgia?

There’s a one-year time limit to file for compensable work injuries in Lawrenceville. This statute of limitations begins from the date of the accident. You must also report your work injury to your supervisor or employer within 30 days from the date of the work injury.

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