Workers’ Compensation Benefits in McDonough

If you or a loved one has been injured while performing your job in Georgia, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for your injuries. However, it’s important to understand how the Workers’ Compensation Benefits in McDonough work before you start filing your claim.

In a nutshell, workers’ compensation is meant to provide certain benefits to employees that are injured on the job, however reporting work injury is mandatory. You can claim medical expenses, disability benefits, lost wages, and death benefits depending on the severity of your injuries.

Nonetheless, in many cases, the employer and their insurance company may stand in the way and prevent you from getting the compensation you need and deserve. This is why it’s important to consult with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to help you with your claim.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition is your trusted partner when it comes to getting the justice and compensation you deserve from your claim. Our lawyers are experienced in handling these kinds of cases, and have won millions of dollars on behalf of clients.

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Income Limits

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In Georgia, workers comp insurance is made up of two parts. The first part (Part-A) is designed to reimburse an injured employee. It guarantees unlimited medical expenses and lost wages to the employees who get injured on their job.

The second part (Part-B) is the employer’s liability insurance meant for protecting the employer from lawsuits filed by injured employees. It protects the employer from lawsuits filed by employees that point at employer negligence.

Part-B ideally safeguards the employer’s rights in case an employee decides to sue the employer for extra damages. It covers defense lawyer fees, legal expenses, settlements, and court fees.

The income limits are usually included in each policy, though the employer may decide to increase coverage by paying extra charges. In Georgia, the limits are as follows:

  • $100,000 limit per employee for bodily injuries caused by disease.
  • $500,000 policy limit for any bodily harm caused by disease.
  • $100,000 per occurrence for bodily injury.


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Types of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are four main types of workers’ comp benefits for injured workers in Georgia. The benefits you receive will depend on the nature of your injuries and how long it will take to recover from them. Here are the four main types of workers’ comp benefits in GA:

1. Temporary Total Disability Benefits In GA Workers’ Comp (TTD)

These are usually reserved for injured workers that are able to return to light roles or modified positions in the company. While the injured employee will earn less money than they used to before the accident, the coverage will cover the difference.

In Georgia, the maximum you can receive is $383 every week. The benefit will end after 350 weeks, or after reaching what is termed as maximum medical improvement (MMI).

2. Temporary Partial Disability Benefits In GA Workers’ Comp (TPD)

In case the injured worker is not able to return to work for at least seven days, they will receive TTD benefits. These cover two-thirds of the weekly salary before the accident occurred. The maximum TTD you can receive in Georgia is $575 a week, and it should last for a maximum of 400 weeks or until you reach MMI.

3. Permanent Partial Disability Benefits In GA Workers’ Comp (PPD)

In cases where an employee’s injuries cause permanent damage with little capacity left for work, they will receive PPD. PPD is divided into two: scheduled and unscheduled awards. Scheduled injuries include damages to the legs, fingers, feet, hands, vision, or hearing.

The benefits are usually two-thirds the difference of the weekly salary before and after the accident. Before you start receiving this benefit, the doctor should first assess the loss of your body part. For instance, the maximum duration allowed for PPD for loss of hearing on both sides is 150 weeks.

Unscheduled injuries are those that aren’t part of the specific list outlined by Georgia for clear payment amounts. The maximum duration for unscheduled PPD in GA is 300 weeks.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits In GA Workers’ Comp (PTD)

This is calculated taking into account the impairment rating based on the seriousness of your injuries. PTD benefits are only awarded when a medical practitioner declares that the treatment for the injured worker is complete.

This would mean that nothing else could be done to correct the damage that occurred to the injured worker as a result of the accident to restore them to the condition they were in before the accident. Always consult a lawyer before signing any paperwork.

How Are Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits Calculated?

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In Georgia, the average weekly wage is critical when calculating workers’ comp benefits. Keep in mind that the workers’ comp pay will be 2/3 of your average weekly salary based on when the incident happened and how much you used to make.

However, there are certain caps on the pay. You will only get 2/3 of your average weekly wage so long as the amount is under $675 a week.

Are Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits Taxed?

Workers’ comp benefits are not taxable in Georgia, as they are not counted as income. This means they are tax free. However, if you returned to light duty following the accident, part of your wages will be taxable.


If you have been injured on the job in Georgia, you’re entitled to claim damages from your employer’s insurance company. In that case, you want to hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in McDonough to handle your claim.

While there are numerous personal injury law firms in McDonough, not all of them are created the same. Get in touch with Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition today at 470-518-5026 to schedule a free consultation with our top lawyers.

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