Compensable Work Injuries in Rex

In Georgia, any worker in a company with at least three employees is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits when they sustain injuries or fall ill while performing their duties. Work-related injuries and occupational illnesses are not uncommon, and that’s why the Georgia Workers’ Comp Act exists. It is a form of coverage that’s designed to protect employees financially should they sustain injuries or become sick while at work.

Lost wages and hefty medical bills can become a huge burden especially when an employee can’t work for an extended period. And while workers’ compensation exists to support them during these situations, the laws surrounding it are not always straightforward. Understanding compensable work injuries in Rex is vital before filing a claim as simply sustaining injury does not make you eligible for benefits.

This is precisely why it is important to consult a seasoned Rex workers’ compensation lawyer. At the Workers Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we’re committed to helping employees like you determine whether their claim is valid and seek the compensation they deserve. Call us today at 470-518-5026 to know your legal options.

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What Are Compensable Work Injuries in Rex, GA?

In order to qualify for monetary benefits, your injury must be compensable. According to Georgia State Law, a worker has to sustain either accidental injuries or occupational disease for their claim to be considered compensable. Also, it must meet the following conditions:

Injury Resulted From Your Work Duties

There should be some form of cause & effect connection between your injury and the nature of your job. So, if you happened to experience a stroke while walking through your place of work, the condition won’t be considered compensable as it did not have any connection with your duties.

The Injury Was Sustained in the Course of You Doing Your Duties

This basically means that the injury needs to have happened while you were working. The injury won’t be considered compensable if you were off-site and not working while it occurred. The injury has to happen while performing work-related duties.

If you meet these conditions, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation. This is done by filing Form WC-14 with the State Board of Workers Compensation.

Common Workplace Injuries in Rex

There are all kinds of injuries that can happen in a workplace, but some tend to be more prevalent than others. Common workplace accident injuries include:


Work environments where heavy machinery and equipment are common are often susceptible to freak accidents. In some cases, employees experience amputations in such accidents.


Bone fractures are another common work-related injury. These happen in all sorts of ways, including injury from heavy equipment and slip & fall accidents.

Joint Pain

Employees also experience joint pains as a result of overexerting themselves when handling heavy equipment or goods. Jobs that involve lifting and bending can lead to back, knee, and joint problems.


It’s not uncommon for employees or coworkers to disagree in the workplace and result in fighting. While the aggressor isn’t eligible for compensation, you can recover monetary benefits if you were acting in the best interests of the company. An example is trying to protect the company’s property.

Concept of compensable work injuries in Rex, Georgia

Aggravation of an Existing Condition

Just because you have a pre-existing condition does not disqualify you from recovering workers’ compensation benefits. As long as you can prove the nature of your work accelerated or aggravated the condition, you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Occupational Illnesses

Conditions like hearing loss, vision loss, carpal tunnel, heart disease, stroke, etc., are considered compensable work injuries in Rex as long as you provide evidence showing a causal link between the illness and the nature of your work.

Slip and Fall

This is perhaps the most common type of workplace injury. Slip and falls are usually a result of wet floors, uneven cords, and poor lighting.


Work environments where employees are exposed to fire or extreme heat can result to burn injuries. Workers may also suffer chemical burns.

What Types of Compensation Can You Claim in Rex, GA?

You can claim:

Temporary Disability Benefits

This category includes temporary partial benefits and temporary total disability benefits. The former benefits are available for employees who are able to go back to work but with limitations. This form of compensation is eligible if you are not able to make 80% of the income you made before the accident.

On the other hand, temporary total disability benefits are eligible for those who can’t go back to work due to injuries. During this period, you should get an amount equivalent to 2/3 of your average income.

Medical Benefits

If you have sustained an injury while performing your duties at work, you eligible for medical wages, covered by your employer.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

If you reach maximum medical improvement or MMI, but still have injuries so severe that you’re incapable of going back to work, you may be eligible for permanent total disability benefits.

Death Benefits

If a work-related injury or occupational illness leads to the death of a worker, their loved ones have the right to file a claim for monetary losses resulting from the death.

What is the Statute of Limitations For Workers’ Comp Cases in Georgia?

According to the State’s Workers Comp Act, you have one year from the date of the injury to file a workers’ compensation claim. For occupational illnesses, you should file your claim within one year of finding out the causal link between the condition and the nature of your work. However, the law puts a 7-year deadline from the latest dangerous exposure.

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