Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Stockbridge

Most people feel relatively safe and secure at their workplaces, but accidents can happen everywhere. The most common workplace injuries include slips, falls, muscle strains, and being hit by falling objects and these accidents are not restricted to construction yards and mining operations. The good news is that compensation is available for workers who have become injured in the context and scope of their work environment.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you will need to know a bit about the process of making your claims and obtaining your compensation so you do not jeopardize the process. As the experts in all things related to worker’s compensation, the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition is the best firm to contact when reporting a work injury in Stockbridge, Georgia.

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How Long Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury in Stockbridge, Georgia?

You have a certain amount of time for reporting a work injury in Stockbridge, GA to your employer, so it is important that you move quickly. You have 30 days to make a workplace injury report with your employer. But you will want to do this as soon as you have had your injuries examined by an approved worker’s comp doctor.

The 30-day time frame allows you plenty of time to have your injuries addressed and deliver a report of your injury to your employer. If you wait too long to make this report and the thirty-day time frame expires, you will void your chances of compensation and this can be a considerable disadvantage.

The countdown of the 30-day time frame will begin on the day the incident that caused the injuries occurred. In the case of a work-related condition like COPD or carpal tunnel syndrome, the countdown to report the conditions will begin the day you receive your doctor’s diagnosis.

Who Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury to?

You will need to have your injuries examined by an approved medical professional who can provide a full description of the injury or condition as well as a plan for recovery which will include a specific time frame in which you will be excused from professional responsibility. You will then need to make a report with your employer, supervisor or foreman.

There are no laws demanding that this report be made in writing, but we highly suggest that you provide your employer with a written report, for example, an email. This way you will have solid proof that a report of the injury was made within the given time frame.

Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

Once your employer has received the injury report, they will be responsible to make records and reports of the incident, here is what you need to know.

Follow Through With Paperwork

It is in the employer’s best interests to begin the claims process as soon as possible as failure to do so can engender misunderstandings and even incur penalties. By keeping open communications with the injured employee, the insurance provider, and the claims adjuster assigned to the case the entire process will be completed far more quickly and easily.

The employer should make a report with the SBWC — State Board of Worker’s Compensation— by filing the WC-1 form also called the “Employer’s First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease.”

Cooperate With Lawyers and Claims Adjusters

If the injured employee chooses to file a claim, the employer should keep communications cordial and open and do all they can to seek a reasonable resolution through negotiations. Employers should willingly share all information with lawyers and claims adjusters. The sooner the negotiations are completed the more cost-effective the entire process will be.

Concept of reporting a work injury in Stockbridge, Georgia

Employee’s Responsibilities After a Workplace Accident

Employees have the following responsibilities after a workplace accident in Georgia.

Obtain Treatment From an Approved Medical Professional

The first and most important order of business will be to have your injury examined by medical professionals from the panel of approved worker’s compensation your employer has made available in your workplace. You can ask your HR department for this list if you have not already received it. The diagnosis and plan for treatment provided by this doctor will include the amount of time the employee is excused from their duties.

Report to Your Employer

The next thing to do will be to make a report with your employer, foreman, or supervisor. As mentioned, this can be a verbal report but is best made in written form. You should also ask your employer for the report they made to the insurance provider and the WC-1 form they submitted to the SBWC to keep in your own records.

File Your Claim With the State Board of Workers’ Compensation

You will also need to submit a report to the SWBC by filing the WC-14 form. You can find this form by visiting the SBWC website or ask for a copy at your HR department. Fill this form out three times, submit the first copy to the SWBC, give the second copy to your employer and keep the final copy for your own personal records.

Make Sure the Insurer Is Informed

You should also contact your employer’s insurance carrier and speak with the claims adjuster. You can get the contact information from your employer or the HR department where you work. It is important that you never assume that everything is processing as it should be.

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