There’s an App for That: Workers’ Compensation and Mobile Tech

Smartphones and mobile technology have been growing in popularity at astronomical rates in the past decade. In fact, almost two-thirds of all American adults own smartphones, relying upon them for a variety of online activities, including using them for job and employment resources. Apps are an integral part of the mobile revolution and that revolution includes various apps to help workers do their job. There’s even an app specifically for workers’ compensation. Maybe not a must-download app for every smartphone user, it’s certainly a helpful tool for managers dealing with injured workers.   While technology has its uses, it can only go so far, and if you’re an injured worker seeking compensation speaking to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney is the best was to ensure you get the maximum compensation available.  

The Workers’ Compensation App

  The workers’ compensation app was created by the University of Alabama at Birmingham and, admittedly, isn’t really an app, but “app-like.” While it functions like an app, it is actually a mobile website that’s cheaper and easier to design. The creators of the app feel that any company that may need to file workers’ compensation claims could find the app useful.   Any time a worker is injured, companies must take the appropriate, and sometimes difficult, measures to ensure the workers receives proper medical care, that the bills reach the insurance company, and that drug and alcohol screens are administered. The many loopholes that must be jumped through can be dizzying, so why not make the process simpler? This new app allows a manager or supervisor to directly communicate with medical professionals and provide them all forms regarding the injured worker.   Basically, what the app does is ensure that all the necessary paperwork and claim forms that must be filled out in the workers’ compensation process follow the correct pathways promptly after an accident occurs.  

Employer Reporting App

  It’s not just the workers’ compensation app that is breaking into worker safety and health. Another app, produced by an immigrant rights’ group, is designed to help day laborers. Through the app, they would be able to rate various employers, record their hours and wages, upload pictures of job sites, and identify employers who have historically withheld wages.   Although relatively new, the app has received wide support from both organizers and workers hoping to make workplaces safer and fairer for day laborers. The app is slowly being introduced for testing and is available both in English and Spanish versions.  

Need Help Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

While technology is making great strides in helping ensure worker safety, thousands of workers are still injured through their employment. Filing for workers’ compensation can be a difficult and confusing process, especially if you must miss work and require extensive medical treatment. Let the legal team at Workers Compensation Lawyers help you through the process. Our experienced Atlanta, GA work injury attorneys will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of your claim and get the workers’ compensation you deserve.]]>