Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Tucker

Following a workplace injury, you will need finances to cover medical bills, travel expenses, death benefits, and lost wages. But, these benefits don’t come automatically after your injury. You have to pursue them through the workers’ compensation claims process in Tucker. As long as your injuries are compensable under Georgia law, workers’ compensation will pay for all the expenses related to your on-the-job injury.

Our Tucker workers’ compensation attorneys have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the claim process. We will ensure that your employer, employer’s insurer, and doctors uphold your rights throughout the claims process. Our attorneys will also ensure that your claim satisfies all the requirements.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Tucker, Georgia, we can guide you through all the workers’ compensation claims process steps. Call 470-518-5026 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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How Can I Know If My Injury Will Be Covered By a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Workers’ compensation claims cover injuries and illnesses that workers sustain within the course and scope of their employment. To get workers’ compensation benefits, you must prove that the injury or illness arose and occurred during the course of your work or employment. Generally, workers’ comp will cover your injury if you were hurt while performing work duties.

Workers’ comp also covers injuries and illnesses that employees suffer as a result of workplace exposure.

Compensable injuries in Georgia include:

  • Occupational injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Hearing loss
  • Stress-related injuries
  • Stress resulting from job-related physical injuries
  • Workplace violence
  • When an Employee Dies Because of Work Injury or Illness

Common Exclusions From Workers’ Compensation

Not every workplace injury is compensable. Some injuries and illnesses are considered to fall outside the scope and course of employment. Workplace injuries or illnesses that arise from the following situations are not compensable.

  • Commuting to and from work
  • Recreational activities
  • Intoxication or substance abuse
  • Workplace horseplay
  • Workplace violence

What If I’m Injured During My Work-Break?

Suppose you sustain an injury during your work break while in your company’s cafeteria or break room; in that case, workers’ comp may cover your injuries. On the other hand, if you get injured during your break while away from your workplace, you will not be eligible for benefits unless you were hurt engaging in activities related to your employment or your employer’s benefit. For instance, if you get hurt while having lunch or a meeting off-site, you may be entitled to benefits.

What If I Get Hurt at Work After I Clock Out?

Workers’ compensation will not cover any injuries that happen outside the company’s premises. Once you get hurt after clocking out, you are on your own.

What If I’m Injured Off-Site?

Workers’ comp would cover off-site injuries only if you were performing activities that benefited your employer. Your off-site injuries may be compensable if they happen:

  • During work-related training or vocational education
  • While commuting between two work sites
  • While taking a work call in the car or working from home, and
  • During business travel while you are off-duty.

If you need help determining if your workplace injury qualifies for workers’ comp benefits, contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Tucker, Georgia.

Concept of workers' compensation claims process in Tucker, Georgia


How Long Do You Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Tucker?

In Georgia, injured workers have up to a year from the date of their workplace accident to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, there are exceptions to this crucial deadline.

Suppose you are getting medical treatment provided by your boss’ workers’ compensation insurance company. In that case, you have up to one year from your last medical appointment with an authorized physician to file your claim.

Suppose you have received weekly wage reimbursement benefits, like temporary total disability benefits and temporary partial disability benefits. In that case, you have two years from the date you stop receiving benefits to file a claim to continue receiving benefits if your condition changes for the worse.

Once you stop receiving TTD and TPD benefits, you have up to four years after the last payment to claim permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits.

Filing your claim within these time limits is essential. Your claim may be denied for not adhering to these crucial deadlines. Get an attorney to help you understand these deadlines and file your claim on time.

How to File the Workers’ Comp Claim in Tucker, Georgia?

If you are hurt while on the clock, you should know the procedure for claiming workers’ compensation benefits. It is vital to follow the right procedure for your claim to be valid. Follow these crucial steps when claiming workers’ compensation benefits in Tucker, Georgia:

  • Informing your employer: First, you need to report your on-the-job injury to your boss, foreperson, or supervisor within 30 days of the accident, preferably in writing.
  • Obtaining a claim form: Next, you need to get a WC-14, Workers’ Compensation Claim form, by writing or calling the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.
  • Filling in the claim form: You then need to complete and file the WC-14 form with Georgia’s Board of Workers’ Compensation.
  • After completing and filing the WC-14 form, you need to send the same to your employer and their workers’ compensation insurer.
  • Filing the claim: Finally, you need to file your workers’ compensation claim within one year of the accident to be eligible for benefits under the law.

Even after following all the above steps correctly, your claim may still be denied. Don’t panic. The laws in Georgia guarantee you the right to a hearing if your claim is denied. To make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could hurt your chances of obtaining benefits, hire a qualified workers’ compensation attorney to help you with your case.

Get Help With the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Tucker

While you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits following an injury or illness at work, it is not given that you will receive these benefits. Your claim may be denied due to errors while filing your workers’ compensation claim. Some errors can be detrimental to your pursuit of workers’ compensation benefits. For example, failure to abide by the statutes of limitations can cause you to miss out on benefits.

But, with a competent workers’ comp attorney in your corner, you have nothing to worry about. An attorney will ensure you follow the claim procedure correctly and meet all the requirements.

You can trust the attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Tucker to help you file a valid claim. We will evaluate your Tucker workers’ compensation claim for free. Call us at 470-518-5026 .