Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Woodstock

Workplace injuries and occupational diseases are not uncommon in the State of Georgia. That’s why the government-mandated coverage known as workers’ compensation exists. This is a policy that allows injured or ill employees to file for benefits if the injuries or condition were due to the nature of their duties.

Most work-related injuries and diseases are covered under workers’ comp insurance. However, navigating the workers’ compensation claims process in Woodstock, GA can be challenging for most employees. This is not only because of their condition, but most insurance providers will try their best to avoid or reduce the compensation the individual is entitled to.

It’s in these situations where a competent workers’ compensation lawyer comes in handy. A good attorney can negotiate with your employer and their insurance carrier to secure your rightful dues. However, with many lawyers in Woodstock specializing in workers’ comp, picking the right one is no walk in the park.

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How to Tell If Your Injury Will Be Covered By Workers’ Comp?

According to Georgia, every company or business with three or more workers needs to purchase workers’ comp insurance. Most work-related injuries are eligible for settlement via this policy. Some of the common injuries eligible for workers’ compensation in Georgia include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls tend to happen due to slippery or wet floors resulting from spills or cleaning. If you can prove you didn’t cause the fall or it didn’t happen from your complacency, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Auto Accidents

Did you know that auto accidents are the leading cause of work-related injuries in the United States? Auto accidents involve various types of vehicles including tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, passenger cars, emergency response vehicles, and farm equipment. If you get into a work-related auto accident, you may be eligible for medical and lost wage benefits.

Overexertion and Repetitive Motion Injuries

These injuries lead to temporary or permanent injuries to tendons, ligaments, nerves, and even muscles due to doing the same motion over and over. Overexertion or repetitive motion injuries could render you unable to work and thus, eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Industrial Accidents

These often include building collapses, fires, flooding, etc. If they occur when an employee is nearby, they result in cuts, broken limbs, and burns, all of which call for workers’ compensation.

Falling Objects

Falling objects, be it hand tools, or steel beams and trusses can result in substantial injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, and bruises.

Heavy Equipment Injuries

Power tools and heavy machinery can cause an array of injuries such as broken bones, electrical burns, concussion, crushed fingers, hands, or limbs, as well as lacerations.

Concept of workers' compensation claims process process in Woodstock, Georgia

Injuries Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

While most injuries usually happen in dangerous work environments like factories, workplace injuries, whether they occurred in a factory or at a desk job are eligible for compensation. However, if your injury occurred under the following conditions, it may not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

  • Failure to adhere to safety rules
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident happened
  • Engaging in non-work-related fights
  • Failure to use the provided safety gear
  • Injuries inflicted upon yourself in order to claim benefits under workers’ compensation.

If you want to know whether your injury is eligible for compensation, it is best to consult a seasoned WC lawyer. These professionals will be able to advise you if you have a valid claim in addition to the best legal course of action.

How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Georgia?

In Georgia, the law mandates that you file a workers’ claim within a year from the date of your accident. This is important if you wish to protect your rights. After this timeframe, you won’t have any legal grounds to file for workers’ compensation benefits and will be forced to foot all medical bills out of pocket. As such, it is important to consult a lawyer and file a claim as soon as possible.

How Do I Start the Workers’ Comp Claims Process in Woodstock, GA?

To start the claims process, you need to file the WC-14 form with the State Board of Workers’ compensation. Next, you’ll need to avail a copy of the form to your employer and their insurance carrier. You can obtain a copy of this form from either your employer or the State Board of Workers’ Compensation website. For clarification regarding your claims process, you can consult your lawyer or get in touch with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation Claims Assistance Department.

If your injury calls for medical attention, your employer should give you a list of approved medical practitioners who can help you. The law requires that your employer hands you the name of a duly certified health care provider who you can consult for any treatment issues regarding your injury. Also, their WC policy should subsequently cover the authorized medical treatment.

The process of filing a WC claim in the state of Georgia is relatively simple and straightforward. However, employers and their insurance carriers are not always willing to play their part and cover the monetary benefits. As such, it’s in your best interest to seek ideal legal counsel in order to protect your rights. Our team at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition is prepared to do their best to fight for your rights and come to a fair agreement with the other parties.

If you have sustained injury or illness while at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, in order to be fairly compensated, you need to ensure you go about the workers’ compensation claims process in Woodstock, GA the right way. Our competent lawyers will guide you through the process by giving solid advice, handling the paperwork, doing the negotiations, and even dealing with disputes, if any. Call us today at 470-518-5026 for a free, initial no-obligation consultation!