Workers’ Compensation: Most Common Reasons For Needing It

Workplace injuries bring massive changes in the lives of not just an individual, but also people dependent on them. Therefore, employers need to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage to avoid any financial burden on the injured employee and the business.

But before you sign up for any insurance policy, employers need to know about all the things for it by consulting reliable Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys. They can guide you in a much better way since workers’ compensation is significantly vital for your employees’ finances and health.

Nevertheless, employers should take all the possible steps they can to ensure there are no issues in the workplace that can lead to life-changing impacts. Let’s go over some of the common workplace injuries and the relevant measures employers can take to stop them.

The Common Reasons for Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims:

Workplace injury does not only confine to the workers working in production or outdoor jobs, but it can also occur to employees working inside the offices. Many reasons can lead to workplace injuries, such as:

  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Jobs that often strain an employee’s spine, leading to back problems
  • Employees not aware of the safety methods

As per the Georgia state law, employees with more than three workers need to have workers’ compensation coverage. Let’s go over some factors that can lead to workers’ compensation claims in Atlanta.

Pulled Muscles or Strains:

One of the most common workplace injuries many employees face is the pulling of muscles also known as strains. It occurs when a worker is carrying on lifting heavy-weight items or equipment. Various reasons can be behind it, such as:

  • A fall or a slip due to wet flooring
  • Accidents due to an equipment
  • Getting slammed with any object
  • Lifting heavy items
  • Pressure on the muscle or joints

Additionally, workers can also be subject to a sprain where the ligaments stretch too far. Both strains and sprains are the main reason behind a wide number of workers’ compensation claims.

Severe Cuts:

Another common reason to file a workers’ compensation claim can be the severe cuts any employee can get at the job. Though minor scrapes don’t require long treatments, severe and painful cuts will need proper medical care for a good amount of time.

In a situation where the cuts lead to severe damage to the muscles or the ligaments, the employee might have to go through reconstructive surgery. Also, there is a possibility that a severe cut can lead to permanent harm to muscles and nerves. It can also lead to amputations.

Employers and employees should take harsh cuts seriously since they can lead to many problems, such as organ damage, and can be a reason for death as well. Deep cuts or lacerations can be due to various reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Any piece of glass or sharp and pointy things
  • Lacerations due to heavy equipment
  • Car accidents when traveling for work purposes.

Claim form for workers' compensation in Atlanta


There can be an incident at the workplace that can lead to a fracture from any employee. Fractures occur when bones break or split, and it takes a good amount of time for your bones to recover.

Moreover, compound fracture might necessitate many surgeries and comprehensive therapy for the bones to sit properly. Fractures can occur in many areas of the body, such as ribs, arms, legs, skulls, etc.

How to Prevent Injuries or Accidents at the Workplace:

Any injured worker looking to file a claim needs to have an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney by their side. Since filing and dealing with workers’ compensation insurance involves too many technicalities, having reliable attorneys for guidance is imperative.

However, it would be ideal for businesses to take robust measures that will avoid any situation where you have to look towards a workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, you can take the following steps to ensure the complete safety and well-being of your workers:

  • Give proper training and coaching to the workers about all the safety measures, and why is it important for them to follow the relevant procedures and check if they are complying with them.
  • Appreciate employees who are complying with the safety measures and warn those who are not following the rules.
  • Get your human resource department to show the significance of following the safety protocols set.
  • If any workers are working with heavy machinery, you should give them all the personal protective equipment (PPE) to operate that machine as well as the necessary training that is needed.
  • Keep an eagle’s eye on any incidents which can in any way lead to a potential injury to an employee and take all the safety measures and approaches to avoid it from happening.

A vital thing to keep in mind is that your employees will have a crucial role in avoiding workplace injuries. Staying vigilant and complying with the safety measures will ensure they don’t get caught up in an accident at the workplace. So, you should emphasize the importance of the rules stated above as much as you possibly can.

Have the Best Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorneys by Your Side:

Taking the services of the reliable Atlanta personal injury attorneys from the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition in Atlanta can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Our lawyers have the expertise and the experience to steer you in the right direction and ensure that the best decision is made for you. So give us a call today to get in touch for a free case evaluation.