Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Wrightsville

Following a severe injury at work, you may have difficulty handling medical expenses, lost income, and doctors’ appointments. It will not be easy. But, workers’ compensation benefits can help to ease the situation by recovering a percentage of your wages, all your medical bills, and mileage expenses related to your on-the-job injury. Reporting a work-related injury in Wrightsville, GA is necessary for claiming workers’ comp benefits.

However, getting these benefits is not a walk in the park. You have to report your injury to your employer and file a workers’ compensation claim, all the while following specific steps. If you don’t report your injury on time, you risk losing your right to compensation benefits altogether.

The experienced Wrightsville workers’ compensation lawyers at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition can take you through the reporting and claim filing process and ensure that the documents you submit are error-free. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to matters of workers’ compensation law. We are committed to helping hardworking individuals who are hurt on the job with every aspect of their Wrightsville workers’ compensation claims.

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What Is the Deadline for Reporting a Work Injury in Wrightsville, Georgia?

When you suffer an occupational illness or sustain a job-related injury, you need to report your injury to your supervisor, manager, or employer so that they can file a First Report of Injury. Even if your employer witnesses the accident, you should still report the accident, preferably in writing.

You need to inform your employer as soon as possible because time is an essential factor when reporting workplace injuries. Unless you need emergency medical care, report your accident before seeking treatment if possible. If you require emergency treatment, make sure you alert your employer as soon as you can or have a colleague, friend, or family member do it for you.

In Wrightsville, Georgia, you have 30 days to inform your employer about your injury. If you fail to notify your employer of your injury within 30 days, you risk having your claim denied and losing your right to workers’ comp benefits.

You don’t want to take too long to report your injury because evidence may disappear, and it may be challenging to prove that your injury is work-related, even with the help of a competent attorney.

Who Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury to?

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act states that you should inform your direct supervisor, other employer’s representative such as a manager or foreman, or the employer in the event you sustain a job-related injury. We recommend that you inform them in writing and save a copy of the letter for yourself. Your employer should then provide you with a WC-14 claim form.

Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

When an employee suffers a work-related injury, Georgia employers have the following responsibilities.

Providing Injured Workers With Claim Forms

The employer must provide the injured employee(s) with workers’ comp claim forms following a job-related injury. Employers should avail of these claim forms within 24 hours of learning about the injury.

Making a “First Report of Injury”

As an employer, you are responsible for completing and forwarding a “First Report of Injury” or any similar document to their insurance company.

Upholding Employee’s Rights

Employers are required to uphold and respect the rights of injured employees. For instance, an employer should allow an injured worker to seek medical attention if they need emergency care following a work injury.

Cooperating With Investigating Parties

During investigations, employers are required to cooperate with their workers’ compensation insurance carriers and their employee’s attorneys. If asked to produce the injured worker’s personal information or payroll history, employers should comply. It is an employer’s duty to provide reasonable assistance after a job-related injury.

Concept of Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Wrightsville

Allow Workers to Return to Work

An employer is responsible for welcoming injured employees back to work when they recover and are ready to resume their duties.

Cooperate With the State Workers’ Compensation Board

Employers can commit workers’ comp fraud to avoid increasing their premiums by failing to provide their insurer with First Reports of Injury. Employees can also commit fraud. The employer has a responsibility to help the “Board” curb any fraudulent activities.


What Are The Employee’s Duties & Responsibility After A Workplace Injury?

Although employees are expected to act responsibly at work, accidents still happen. After suffering a job-related illness or injury, employees filing a workers’ comp claim are responsible for:

Reporting the Workplace Accident

Soon or immediately after suffering a workplace injury, employees must inform their immediate manager, foreman, supervisor, or employer. Keep in mind that you have up to 30 days from the injury date to report your workplace accident so that your employer can complete a First Report of Injury.

Collaborating With the Insurance Company

It’s your duty as an employee to cooperate and comply with your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier’s requests. If the insurance company requests you to take an IME or independent medical examination from a physician of their choice, you should cooperate. Refusing to be examined by an authorized medical provider may raise suspicions.

Maintaining Accurate Records

Employees should keep precise records during the whole workers’ compensation claim process. You should keep all the documents from your attorney, employer, WC doctor, and insurance company safe for future reference.

Honesty and Transparency

You are required to tell the truth and make honest submissions for the entirety of the claims process. Lying or providing misleading information during the claims process is a misdemeanor that you can be charged for.

Drug Tests

Georgia’s workers’ compensation doesn’t cover workplace injuries arising from intoxication. For this reason, injured employees may be asked to take a drug test. You are expected to comply with this request or provide a justifiable reason for refusing.

Call Us When Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Wrightsville

Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim is not easy, especially if you don’t have legal representation. Things can get very complicated when you encounter common hurdles such as denied claims and intimidation from your employer. There might also be mishaps when reporting or filing the claim. This may frustrate your pursuit of benefits.

Following a work-related injury, call our Wrightsville workers’ comp attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition to help you report your job-related illness or injury correctly.

When it comes to getting workers’ compensation benefits, it doesn’t matter where you were injured as long as your injuries arose from and during the course of your employment. You are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits provided you reported your injury to your employer within the stipulated time and followed the right step when filing your claim.

We can help you report your injury and file your Wrightsville workers’ compensation claim while adhering to all requirements. Call 470-518-5026 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys.