Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Acworth, GA

When you have suffered a work-related injury in Acworth, GA, it is important to get the services of an experienced lawyer to represent you when filing a worker’s compensation claim. Although you may decide to go through the process alone, it is often advisable to hire an Acworth workers compensation lawyer as they will be of tremendous help to you.

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How will an experienced lawyer help you out when filing your worker’s comp claim?

They will ensure you file the claim the right way and minimize the chances of the claim getting denied – When working with an experienced lawyer, you stand a better chance of getting all the details right and ensuring that you file for your claim properly. A lawyer will advise on the best strategies in case your employer denies that your injury happened at work.

Getting the claim reported in time – Not all employers want their employees’ claims to move forward. Your employer may delay the paperwork and make it harder for you to file your claim in the required time. If you hire a lawyer to represent your interests, they will ensure that the process does not take longer than 30 days. If you are recuperating, the lawyer will ensure your employer follows the procedure to ensure your case is handled before the deadlines.

Your lawyer ensures you file for all the benefits possible – Your employer’s carrier may not wish to pay all the benefits you should receive, which means that you will probably have to settle for what they give you. However, with a lawyer, you are aware of the benefits you should file for. Your lawyer will also push a judge to get you a higher rating if the one given by the doctor chosen by the insurance companies.

These are just some of the benefits of getting a worker’s compensation lawyer when reporting a work-related injury and filing a claim.

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If you have been injured in a workplace in Acworth, Georgia, these queries will guide you during your case.

How Can an Acworth Workers Compensation Lawyer Help?

How Long Do I Have In Reporting A Workplace Injury In Acworth, GA?

You have 30 days to report the incident. Any longer than that could result in loss of benefits. Keep in mind that your employer may not follow up with the process to ensure your claim is filed right away, so it is always best to get a lawyer to represent you.

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Who do I Have To Report A Work-Related Injury To?

You should report any workplace injury to your direct supervisor and make sure that they note it down officially. Telling your co-worker about the incident that led to the injury does not count as an official report.

Reporting the injury to your supervisor ensures that they file it with the insurance company. The insurance company will then get a physician to examine your injuries and ascertain that they are indeed from a workplace injury. The process is essential as the insurance company needs to know that the claim is not fraudulent or exaggerated.

Who do you report a work-related injury to?

What Are The Employer’s Responsibilities After A Workplace Injury?

Your employer has the following responsibilities after any employee sustains a workplace injury;

  • Determining the level of injury and getting medical assistance for the employee. If the injury was caused because of unsafe working areas, the employer should address the safety issue.
  • Reporting the injury to the worker’s comp carrier. The claims adjuster will reach out if there is a problem with your claim after the employer has reported it, so timely reports are essential. The employer will require details of the incident that led to the injury. These are such as; date and time of the incident, the location where the accident happened, description of the injury, date when you became aware of your injury.
  • Responding to all the queries posed by the insurance carrier regarding the incident. If there is a need for clarification, the employer may speak with the injured employee and other employees who witnessed the incident.

What Is The Employee Responsibility After A Workplace Injury?

Once you have been injured at work, you are required to;

  • Report the work-related injury to your supervisor and notify a co-worker. The latter serves as a witness should one be needed during the claims process.
  • Always beware of incidents where you are coerced into recording a statement as this is not required by law. In most cases, the insurance company may use the recording against you, which will most likely cause you to lose certain benefits.
  • Keep a written journal of the incident and the events after that. You should also document who you talk to and when you do so.
  • Get an experienced lawyer to go over your worker’s comp claim so that they can advise on the next steps. A lawyer is paramount if you wish to get full benefits.
  • Get medical attention from an authorized physician. Beware of getting medical care from a physician of your choosing, as the insurance company may not pay for the medical fees of an independent physician.
  • Submit themselves to an independent medical evaluation should the employer or the insurance carrier request one. At times, they may also require the injured employee to take a drug test to ensure they were not under the influence when getting injured.

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