Compensable Work Injuries in Acworth, GA

In Georgia, you qualify for workers’ comp the day you start employment. As such, if you get injured while performing your duties, you reserve the right to receive medical care and a paycheck as you recover.

And while workers’ compensation is there to protect your rights as a worker, the truth of the matter is that it can be hard for workers to ascertain whether they have compensable work injuries in Acworth, GA.

This becomes even more evident in how insurance companies and employers try and downplay the extent of injuries a worker has suffered and even question the authenticity of the injuries themselves. Insurance companies do their best to ensure that a claim is disqualified so they know that can save money.

If you’ve been hurt while performing your duties at your place of work, an Acworth workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine whether or not you can pursue a compensable injury claim. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that your workers’ comp claim is not valid – it just as well might be!

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What Is a Compensable Work Injury?

According to Georgia law, workplace injuries are considered to be compensable if they satisfy two conditions:

The Injury(s) Resulted From Your Occupation

This means that there needs to be a cause-and-effect connection between the injury sustained and the nature of your job. For instance, let’s say you were walking through your office or workplace and suddenly suffered a stroke, which will not be considered compensable since the condition has nothing to do with your job (however, there are instances where a job could have led to you suffering a stroke.)

The Injury(s) Occurred as You Were Performing Your Duties

This means that your injury(s) occurred as you were at your place of work performing your duties. If you got injured while outside your workplace on your lunch break, for instance, then your injury(s) won’t be considered compensable. However, if you get injured while having lunch in one of your client’s offices, your injury might be compensable as long as the meeting is work-related.

In short, any work-related injuries have to have been sustained while performing your duties as a worker for them to be considered compensable work injuries in Georgia. If these two conditions are met, then you reserve the right to seek compensation.

Common Workplace Injuries in Acworth

Workplace injuries can happen in virtually any work environment though some jobs, like in construction, pose greater threats than others.

According to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, which collects data on work-place related injuries, the four main reasons for death in the workplace are falls, “struck by a falling object,” electrocution, and “caught in-between.”

Here is a list of some of the most common injuries sustained in the workplace

Acworth Workers Compensation Compensable Injuries Infographic



Slip and Fall

These accidents can happen in literally any place of work in any industry. There are many hazards in virtually all workplaces that may cause a slip and fall. They include things like uneven cords, scattered debris, unstable walkways, wet or icy floors, and poor lighting.


In environments where heavy machinery/equipment is used, a freak accident can happen at any time. In such environments, it isn’t surprising to see the limbs of a worker getting ripped right off.

Back/Neck Injuries

A majority of injuries suffered at work are related to the neck and spine. Many workers sustain neck/back injuries in accidents that befall them as they perform their duties.

Doctor examines man with back injury, compensable work injuries in Acworth, GA


Since some jobs involve working with extreme heat or fire, people working in such environments tend to sustain serious burn injuries all the time.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss injuries are common in the construction industry where extreme loudness and noise are commonplace. Workers who do not take appropriate precautions in such environments are prone to lose their hearing ability.


Bone fractures are another common workplace injury and can be caused by a variety of things ranging from being crushed by a machine to a slip and fall accident.

Joint Pain

Workers who do heavy lifting are also prone to experiencing severe joint pain due to overexerting themselves.

Construction Accidents

Construction site injuries are quite common and tend to be severe, with some even being fatal. Common injuries in the construction site include getting caught in-between, falls, electrocution, getting struck by a falling object, etc.

Accidents While on a Business Trip

In some instances, workers may end up sustaining serious injuries while traveling for business. As long as a worker’s travel was work-related, their injuries qualify as workplace injuries.

Accidents While Operating Machinery or Tools

Workers may also get injured while operating machinery or tools at work and involve operators getting stuck in the machine, getting hit by objects flying out of the machine, or getting hit by exposed machine parts. Machine-related injuries typically involve severed fingers, dismemberment, crushed body parts, and may even result in death.

What Type of Compensable Work Injuries Can an Injured Worker Claim in Georgia?

If you sustain injuries while performing your duties at your place of work, then you’re entitled to:

  • Medical care, that includes hospital stays, ambulance fees, and surgical equipment used. All costs are paid for by the company insuring your employer
  • Medication and prescriptions
  • Travel expenses
  • Physical therapy
  • And, in some instances, vocational rehabilitation

Since each state has its regulations concerning workers’ comp, you should retain the services of a professional and experienced workers’ compensation attorney that specializes in Georgia workers’ compensation law and compensable work injuries in Acworth.

How Long Do Injured Workers Have to File for Compensable Work Injuries in Acworth?

There is a time limit for filing a compensable work injury claim in Acworth, Georgia. As an injured worker, you have one year from the day the accident happened to file your claim. If you received medical care, then the limit is one year from the day you received care. It’s worth noting that you have thirty days to inform your employer about your injury/injuries.

Why Hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition?

The laws that govern workers’ compensation claims in Georgia are quite stringent especially when it comes to your rights as someone who suffered compensable work injuries while performing your duties. Since insurance companies and employers know these regulations – and you probably don’t – it’s best that you consider hiring a workers’ comp attorney and have them help you seek the compensation you deserve.

The workers’ comp attorneys at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition are experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills required to successfully pursue a workers’ comp claim in Acworth, GA. We are here to help ensure that you receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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