Atlanta Court Employee Dies from COVID-19

At the beginning of March, a lot of people were starting to show signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The problem is that many people didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t as if the government had not sent out some information on the virus. We knew what was happening in China and Italy. There were newspaper articles that mentioned the signs and symptoms of the virus months ago. Now, we are starting to see people get sick and die from the virus and the numbers are rising every day.

For one employee at the DeKalb County Courthouse, the time came too late. On March 2nd, Rushia Johnson Stevens, a 65-year old employee at the courthouse, went homesick. She was exhibiting all the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. She was sent to the hospital but was sent home the next day. She did not return to work. Within a week or so, her symptoms continued to get worse. On Thursday, March 26, she felt weak and collapsed in her Atlanta home. Her husband called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. She died less than two hours later.

When her manager learned that she had died from the virus, the immediately took action. She sent letters out to her employees letting them know co-workers had become infected with the virus and died. She also called and had a company come into the courthouse to clean and sterilize the building. She confirmed that she has done that twice a day since she learned of Stephen’s death. The question is – why didn’t she do this sooner? 

If your loved one gets infected with the COVID-19 virus at their place of employment, they may have a claim for damages. Call our office and talk to someone immediately.