Compensable Work Injuries in Atlanta

In the state of Georgia, from the initial day you start employment, you qualify to get workers’ compensation. This meaning that if you sustain an injury while on the clock, you are entitled to a paycheck and medical care while you recuperate.

Workers’ compensation was intended to work in your favor, and not punish anybody else. In reality, it can be difficult for the ordinary worker to be sure whether the injury suffered is compensable work injuries in Atlanta or not.

This is especially true given how the insurance provider of the company and your employer may try to downplay the extent of your injury and even question the injury itself. One thing insurers know is that they stand to save a lot of cash if your claim is disqualified.

If you have been the victim of a workplace injury, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you to establish whether you have a compensable injury case. Don’t presume that your worker’s compensation claim isn’t valid – it just might!

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What are Compensable Work Injuries in Atlanta?

According to Georgia Law, a workplace injury is considered ‘compensable if it satisfies two conditions:

The injury sustained resulted from the job you do

This means that there should be some sort of cause-and-effect connection between the nature of your job and the injury sustained. To put it differently, if you happened to walk through your place of work and suffered a stroke, that won’t be considered compensable since the stroke didn’t have any connection with the job you do (although there are instances where a stroke could have a direct relationship).

The injury occurred in the course of you performing your work

That essentially means the injury occurred while you were working, and while you were at the workplace. If you sustain injuries off-site while on your break, for instance, the injury won’t be compensable. However, if you sustain injuries while having lunch in a client’s office, the injury may be compensable, if the meeting was part of your work responsibilities.

That is to say, the injury has to occur while performing a work-related activity. If you meet these two conditions, you have legal grounds to seek compensation – it’s considered “compensable work injuries in Atlanta”.

Here is a handbook that the state of Georgia provides for employees and employers to learn and understand as much as possible surrounding workers’ compensation laws and what are considered compensable work injuries in Atlanta.

This image is of an injured construction worker with compensable work injuries in Atlanta

What are Some Common Workplace Injuries?

Workers Compensation claims can happen in any work environment. It comes with no surprise that a construction job comes with its fair share of risks.

As a matter of fact, the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration closely follows injuries sustained while on the job and advocate for the conclusion of the ‘Fatal Four’ reasons for deaths: electrocutions, falls, “Caught-in/between” and “Struck by Object.”

Here’s a list of the common workplace accident injuries:

  • Amputations:  In work environments where heavy equipment/machinery is utilized, freak accidents occur almost always all the time. It’s not surprising seeing the limbs of employees getting ripped off their bodies.
  • Burns: In most workplaces, some roles will see you work with fire or extreme heat. Employees working in environments like these tend to get burn injuries.
  • Neck / Back Injuries: Most of the injuries sustained at work are related to the spine and the neck. Many employees sustain back or neck injuries in accidents that occur while performing their work-related duties.
  • Fractures: Fractures to the bones are another frequent workplace injury. Employees can get bone fractures in a variety of ways while at the workplace. It can be due to a slip and fall accident or getting injured by equipment/machinery.
  • Slip and Fall: This kind of accident can occur in literally any workplace. You can slip and fall as a result of icy or wet floors, scattered debris, uneven cords, poor lighting, and unstable walking places.
  • Hearing Loss: This injury is mainly affiliated with the construction industry. The extreme noise and loudness can see employees and workers working in such environments experience hearing loss if they don’t take appropriate precautions.
  • Joint Pain: workers/employees suffer joint pains because of overexerting themselves during heavy lifting.
  • Construction Accidents: These workplace injuries occur on construction sites. Construction accidents encompass electrocution, falls, getting caught in-between, getting struck by objects, and often results in serious injuries and even death.
  • Accidents while operating tools or machinery: Workers can also get injured while operating tools or machinery at work. This occurs when the operator gets stuck in the machine, gets hit by exposed parts or flying objects coming from the machines. Machine-related injuries usually involve crushed body parts, dismemberment, severed fingers, or worse yet death.
  • Accidents while traveling for work-related activities: At times, employees may sustain an injury while traveling for business purposes. Since they are representing the company, it qualifies as a workplace injury.


What Types of Compensable Work Injuries in Atlanta Can You Claim?

List of Compensable Work Injuries in Atlanta

If you get injured while fulfilling your job responsibilities, you are entitled to:

  • Medical care, which includes ambulance fees, hospital stays, surgical equipment used, paid by your employer’s insurance company
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication & prescriptions
  • Travel expenses

You may also have a right to seek vocational rehabilitation. Every state has different regulations regarding workers’ compensation. This is why it’s crucial for you to enlist the services of professional workers’ compensation lawyer who specializes in Georgia law and compensable work injuries in Atlanta.

How Long Do You Have to File for Compensable Work Injuries in Atlanta?

There’s a time window for you to file for compensable work injuries in Atlanta Georgia. The time limit for filing a case is one year following the accident date. And if you got medical attention, it will be one year from the previous time you got the medical care. It’s important to note that you have 30 days to inform the employer of your injury.

This is an image of an injured employee filling out paperwork for compensable work injuries in Atlanta

Why Hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Atlanta for Compensable Work Injuries in Atlanta?

Workers’ compensation claims come with very stringent rules concerning the rights you have if you sustain compensable work injuries in Atlanta while on the clock. Employers and insurance companies are conversant in the regulations governing the system. On the other hand, you’re NOT.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Atlanta have experience in this field and know everything about this intricate system. We will give you professional help and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Call Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Atlanta NOW at 470-518-5026 .