Compensable Work Injuries in Buford

When you are injured at work in Buford, it might be difficult to know whether your injuries are covered by worker compensation insurance in Georgia. Compensable work injuries under workers’ compensation law differs from state to state. If you are confused about what injuries are considered compensable work injuries in Buford under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws, you should work with a reliable worker compensation lawyer in Buford, Georgia.

Georgia has its share of worker compensation attorneys. But all of these attorneys are not created alike. Make sure you do the homework properly before selecting the right WC claims lawyer to handle your claim. The wrong candidate can be a waste of your precious time and money.

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What Are Considered Compensable Work Injuries in Buford?

A workplace injury in Buford, Georgia should satisfy two conditions to be considered compensable:

  • The injury sustained should result from the job you do.
  • The injury should occur in the course of you performing the work.

The injury you have sustained should be directly connected to the job you do. There should be some sort of cause-and-effect connection between the two. Just because an employee suffers a stroke while he or she walks through the workplace, it isn’t considered a compensable work injury. But a stroke suffered while performing the job can be considered a compensable work injury under workers’ compensation law in Georgia.

The other condition for an injury falling under the category of compensable work injuries is the injury should have occurred in the course of the employee performing his/her work. If the victim suffered the injury off-site while having a break, it isn’t compensable under Georgia law. The injury should occur while the employee is performing a work-related activity. A workplace injury should meet these two conditions to be considered compensable. Here are some of the most common compensable work injuries in Buford, Georgia:

  • Burns are some of the most common workplace injuries in GA. Some employees work with fire and extreme heat and are more prone to burn injuries.
  • Fractures are another common workplace injury in GA. Slip and fall accidents and injuries due to operating machines and equipment are common causes of bone fractures in workplaces.
  • Amputations are common with machinery and equipment in workplaces. Employees working with machinery are more prone to limb amputations in workplaces.
  • Hearing loss is another workplace injury. The extreme noise in the construction industry can lead to hearing loss of employees overtime.
  • Accidents sustained while traveling for work-related activities are another common type of injury in the workplace. An employee can sustain injuries while traveling for business purposes.

Buford Workers Compensation Compensable Injuries Infographic

What Types Of Compensation Can You Claim?

If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to claim the following benefits under Georgia’s workers’ compensation insurance:

Medical Benefits

The injured employee is entitled to receive medical treatments for his/her work-related injury for the remainder of his or her life under Georgia’s workers’ compensation law. The injured employee is also entitled to reimbursement for all expenses pertaining to the injury including prescription medications and traveling to/from the doctor’s office.

Disability Benefits

If the authorized medical doctor approves you to be out of work due to the injuries you have sustained as a result of the workplace accident, you are eligible for disability benefits. The disability benefits may include:

  • Permanent partial disability benefits (PPD)
  • Temporary total disability benefits (TTD)
  • Permanent total disability benefits (PTD)
  • Temporary partial disability benefits (TPD)

Death Benefits

If a worker is killed while performing his/her job, the members of his/her family can claim death benefits under workers’ compensation law in Georgia. The death benefits may include medical expenses, burial expenses, and up to 400 weeks of weekly benefit checks that are equal to the amount the victim would have received if he/she had survived the injury but was totally disabled.

Image is of an injured employee with compensable work injuries in Buford


How Long Do You Have To File For Compensable Work Injuries in Buford?

Georgia’s worker compensation law allows the victim one year from the date of his/her injury to file a workers’ compensation claim. You should inform the employer about your injuries within 30 days of sustaining the injuries. If you don’t follow these time frames, you may find it difficult to claim compensation for your workplace injuries.

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When you or someone in your family has suffered injuries at work, you are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries under Georgia’s worker compensation law. Worker compensation law in Georgia is quite complicated, and you need to hire the best worker compensation lawyer in Buford GA to handle your claim.

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