Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Buford

Laws governing workers’ compensation vary from one state to another although there are some similar characteristics between them. Workers’ compensation is a result of getting hurt when in an official capacity and performing acts that can be said to be work-related.  The workers’ compensation claims process in Buford can be complicated. Which is why you should enlist the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Stress levels during this time tend to be high due to back-to-back medical bills which are not easily clearable because you are not working at the time and topping it off is a situation whereby the insurance company tasked with the mandate of compensating you starts casting doubt on the amount of injury suffered and as a result, they may want to reduce the compensation amount you are entitled to.

Here at Buford Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, we are well-versed with knowledge and experience of the ins and outs of the law with regard to Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws. Tackling issues that may result from cases of workers compensation claims is our cup of tea. Unwavering and endless efforts from me and our team are what you can expect to get when you decide to contact us to deal with your case.

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How Can I Know if My Injury Will Be Covered By a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A workers comp claim can be a result of an injury suffered when acting in an official capacity with regards to the job and an occupational illness developed during the job. Both these types of injuries are covered under your employer’s workers compensation insurance policy.

The burden of proof with this regard comes down to establishing sufficiently that the injury or illness accrued is directly linked to exposure to work activities, equipment and other work materials and the accident that occurred while on duty.

We at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition can best advise you after evaluation of your claim whether the injuries are covered under the workers’ compensation insurance.


How Long Do You Have to Start the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Buford?

The law provides for a time limit for filing a workers’ compensation claim as well as other claims as found under the statute of limitations. In Georgia, the timeframe provided for by the statute is one year from the date you suffered your injury. The law envisions that a victim within this regard has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim within a period of one year as of the date of the accident.

Qualification for compensation to a claim of workers’ compensation is based on this period and failure results in delay which is said to defeat equity resulting in the state deeming that you slept on your rights hence no compensation.

Buford Workers Compensation Claims Process Infographic

How To File The Workers Compensation Claim in Georgia?

Complete a Form WC-14

Form WC-14 can either be filed by you and your lawyer when we are seeking a hearing in front of the administrative law judge at the Georgia state board of workers compensation.

With regards to the workers’ compensation claims process in Buford, it can also be filed by your employer or his or her workers’ compensation insurance company with the intention of casting doubt or clearing the air on issues of our workers’ compensation claims as tabled to them. This can result in a reduction of the forethought compensation claim in favor of the employer and the workers’ compensation insurance.

Once we file the form WC-14 with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation a copy of the document should be sent with immediate effect to your employer and his or her workers compensation insurance carrier as a requirement of the law. A hearing can be scheduled by us due to failure on the employers’ part and his insurance company to provide benefits to a required standard.

A notice of hearing from the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation is received by the relevant party after the request of hearing is successfully filed. The notice informs the party when the case has been scheduled for trial.

What is the Hearing Process?

With our attorney’s help, the hearing process is fairly smoother as our skills and top-notch training is well suited when it comes to presenting evidence during the hearing in accordance with the special rules that apply to this effect which may not be known to you and may result in prejudice on your part when you do this on your own.

During the trial, interrogatories are served to each other which are basically written questions. Documents are also requested by both parties where necessary and relevant for judgment. An oral testimony referred to as a deposition may also be requested from you and is given at our offices.

Disputes mostly arise with regards to the victim’s medical treatment and this results in the victim being asked to complete an independent medical examination. This request has different repercussions depending on who requests it.

In the case of the workers compensation claim carrier, it could be seeking to suspend your workers compensation weekly benefits or seeking to change your workers compensation doctor, hence getting a second opinion about the injuries. However, when the request is tabled by us the goal is to bolster our case for a successful verdict.

Image is of an injured employee beginning the workers' compensation claims process in Buford


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At Workers Compensation Lawyer Coalition in Buford, we make it our priority and business to fight insurance companies that try to take advantage of you when seeking workers’ compensation by not fulfilling their contractual obligations. Once we represent you, we help navigate the complicated workers’ compensation claims process in Buford.

We take effective measures when preparing for a case and do not in any way shape or form back out of a fight against a workers’ compensation insurance company by challenging them in a trial in the pursuit of the compensation you legally deserve.

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