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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement Or MMI?

Maximum medical improvement or MMI refers to the maximum improvement of a workplace-related injury. In fact, a healthcare professional will certify that the injury has improved as much medically as possible though the victim may experience some form of pain for the rest of his/her life.

The victim may continue to receive treatment and temporary disability benefits even after he or she has reached MMI. Your healthcare provider will assign you a Permanent Partial Disability Rating that represents the reduced functionality of your body.

This rating is important when calculating the permanent disability benefits you rightly deserve. The calculation can vary depending on the injured body part as a result of the accident.

Who Determines When The Victim Has Achieved Buford Maximum Medical Improvement?

The physician who is authorized to treat your injuries is the only person that could determine whether you have reached MMI. If any other healthcare professional declares that the victim has reached MMI, it can be voided and considered illegal. In fact, MMI should be declared only after the victim receives adequate treatments for his/her injuries, and the treating physician is authorized to declare such a state.

Buford maximum medical improvement doesn’t mean the victim is fully recovered from his/her injuries. It means the victim has reached maximum medically possible improvement from his/her injuries. Neither the employer, insurance company nor the victim is authorized to determine MMI.

Does Medical Treatment Continue After The MMI Diagnosis?

Yes, in most cases, medical treatments may continue even after the victim is declared as reaching Buford maximum medical improvement. The victim may continue to experience some form of pain and disability for the rest of his/her life as a result of the workplace accident. The treating physician will declare the victim as fit to go back to work without restrictions or with certain restrictions depending on his/her condition.

The treating physician may determine whether there are any other treatments to improve the victim’s condition further. If you have any doubt about the MMI declaration, you have the right to seek a second opinion from a qualified medical practitioner. Worker’s compensation insurance will pay for treatments even after the victim has reached MMI in case the treating physician has ordered more treatments.

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What Happens When You Cannot Return To Work and Perform At The Same Level After The MMI Diagnosis?

Even after the MMI diagnosis, the victim may find it hard to perform at the same level due to his/her injuries. In the state of Georgia, the victim may continue to receive medical treatments and weekly disability benefits even after the maximum medical improvement diagnosis. If you can’t go back to full-time work, you can receive disability benefits for up to 400 weeks.

In most cases, once the victim reaches Buford maximum medical improvement, the insurance company may decide to settle the case. That is where you need to work with a professional and experienced workers’ compensation claim lawyer to represent your side of the case. Our lawyers have experience in handling all types of workers’ compensation claims in Buford including MMIs.

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Reaching Buford maximum medical improvement is a milestone in your recovery and future career prospects. You should already know the significance of an MMI diagnosis and work with a highly skilled and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to navigate the claims process from there onwards.

The workers’ compensation claim lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Buford are well experienced in dealing with MMI diagnosis claims. Our team has won millions of dollars on behalf of their clients in Buford.

We have worked with numerous insurance companies in the past and understand that the insurance providers prefer lowballing clients so that they can pay out as little money as possible. If you are shortchanged, it means you haven’t worked with the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Buford GA. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you obtain maximum claim benefits for your workplace injuries. We can help you understand the effects of maximum medical improvement and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

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