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If you have been injured at work in Carrollton, Georgia, you have come to the right place. Georgia’s workers’ compensation law allows you to claim compensation for your injuries. You need to understand that insurance companies will try to shortchange injured employees by offering the lowest payout possible.

Hence, you should always have the best Carrollton workers’ compensation lawyer on your side when filing your WC claim. Your attorney can address all the complex and medical and legal issues, including maximum medical improvement in Carrollton.

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

MMI or maximum medical improvement is when an injured employee’s injuries have improved as much medically as possible. The treating physician will determine that the victim’s injuries have improved to the maximum level that they could improve. But the victim may still experience some form of pain, and it may continue for the rest of his/her life. The physician certifies that there is no way the injuries could further improve.

Treatments may continue especially if it offers pain management. Once the victim reaches MMI, the treating physician will assign a Permanent Partial Disability Rating to facilitate the calculation of disability benefits.

Who Determines that the Injured Employee Has Reached MMI?

Carrollton Workers Compensation Maximum Medical Improvement Infographic

The company doctor or the authorized treating physician is the only authority to determine that the injured employee has reached maximum medical improvement. In fact, MMI is a state that the injured employee will only reach after sufficient treatments.

It means the employee’s injury has improved as much medically as possible but not 100% healed. The employer, his insurance company, or any other person cannot offer an MMI diagnosis. If they do so, it may be considered illegal when filing the claim. Disability benefits are calculated after the employee reaches MMI.

Does Medical Treatment Continue After the MMI Diagnosis?

If the injured employee has any pain or some form of disability even after reaching maximum medical improvement in Carrollton, GA, medical treatments will continue after the MMI diagnosis. In fact, MMI is not a state where the employee is 100% healed. It is only a state where the victim has reached maximum improvement medically possible. The employee may require more treatments to manage the pain or handle the disability.

If the victim thinks he or she has not reached MMI, they are free to get a second opinion from a qualified physician. If the physician decides that there are other treatments to improve the condition of the victim, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for such treatments.

What If I Can’t Return to Work and Perform at the Same Level After MMI?

The employer may offer a suitable position to the victim. If the employer doesn’t have a suitable position for the injured employee, Georgia’s law allows such victims to continue receiving medical treatments and weekly benefits – even after he or she has reached maximum medical improvement. If the victim is not able to get back to work full-time, he or she may continue to receive disability benefits for 400 weeks. But disability benefits will end after 400 weeks.

Most of the time, when the employee gets an MMI diagnosis, the insurance company will try to settle the case. That is where you need to work with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition. Our WC lawyers are experienced in handling all types of WC claims in Carrollton, GA. Our team will advise you when to settle the case and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

Why Hire a Carrollton Workers’ Comp Lawyer After an MMI Diagnosis?

When you get an MMI diagnosis from the treating physician, you must close the case at the right time so that you get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. The insurance company may try to settle the case once you reach MMI. You should work with an experienced WC lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition to determine the right time to settle the case. We have dealt with dozens of MMI claims in the past and know when to close your case and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Insurance companies always prefer lowballing clients since they can pay out as little money as possible and close the case. You should hire the best WC lawyer in Carrollton, GA to negotiate with the insurance company and obtain maximum benefits on your behalf. We understand the importance of reaching a state of maximum medical improvement. Our team of workers’ compensation lawyers can help you win the claim and obtain the maximum amount of compensation in the process.

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