Clarkdale Maximum Medical Improvement

Meeting with an injury at work is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to anyone. If you are the victim of such an accident, you should turn to workers’ compensation from your employer. But what if you have been injured for a long period and the company has exhausted its workers’ compensation resources on you by paying for your lost wages and medical bills? That’s when you come across a term called maximum medical improvement.

Maximum medical improvement takes place when you reach a state where your medical condition cannot improve any further. It’s the stage when your treatment reaches a plateau in your healing process. It may either mean you have recovered completely from the injury, or the doctor doesn’t expect any major medical change in your recovery.

When you reach a stage of maximum medical improvement in Clarkdale, Georgia, a doctor will assess your recovery. They will determine whether you have a partial or permanent impairment or not. This degree will come into play when the employer decides whether you get further workers’ compensation benefits or not.

But what if you don’t get a fair judgment? What if you are still injured and can’t bear the treatment expenses? You will need a Clarkdale workers’ compensation lawyer to fight against your employer. That’s where our team at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer comes in.

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

In simple terms, maximum medical improvement is a roadblock to your long-term workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer will try to bog you down with tons of paperwork and medical tests that prove that you are fit enough to work. Consider maximum medical improvement as a checklist where if you meet most of the conditions, the employer will stop providing your workers’ compensation benefits.

The problem is, you may not know how to counter the situation. We do. Your employer may try to save money by confusing you with paperwork and medical exams, but that doesn’t take away the fact that you are still recovering. You still need the money for your treatment. Just because you have reached maximum recovery doesn’t mean your injuries have healed.

Suppose you met with an accident after which the doctor said he has to amputate a leg to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of your body. It took you 12 months to recover. Your employer calls for maximum medical improvement because you can now walk with crutches. A doctor checks your condition and says you are absolutely fine.

Does that mean you have the same ability to work as your colleague? No, you don’t. Because you only have one leg. But your employer doesn’t agree to provide workers’ compensation anymore. This is where we come to your rescue. We prove on your behalf that your physical condition is still not okay to go back to work and that you deserve compensation for a longer period.

Who Determines Maximum Medical Improvement in Clarkdale, GA?

A physician determines when you reach maximum medical improvement. However, the workers’ compensation insurance company often requests an independent medical examination to assess the patient’s condition to confirm his MMI. The physician will submit the reports to the insurance company, who will forward the documents to the employer, the patient, and the treating physician.

The treating physician needs to go through the entire test report and provide his opinion on the matter. If he agrees with the assessment, your employer and workers’ compensation insurance company will terminate your benefits from the date of the physical examination or when the treating physician approved the test reports.

On the other hand, if the treating physician disagrees with the test reports, he can forward your claim to a workers’ compensation judge. Consider us as the specialist in this case because we have the experience of handling maximum medical improvement cases for many clients in Clarkdale. We request for a special hearing, provide ample pieces of evidence regarding your current fitness levels, and ensure that you continue receiving your compensation.

Does Medical Treatment Continue after an MMI diagnosis?

You get additional medical treatment but for a limited time once you reach your maximum medical improvement. The additional time is generally five years from the date of your injury. This means if you recover within a year but still think that you need medical assistance, you have another four years to enjoy your workers’ compensation benefits. However, you need to prove that your recovery is taking time.

Most workers’ compensation insurance companies refuse to pay after an MMI diagnosis. But you should contact us instead of agreeing to what they say. We can help you receive the compensation you deserve. You should keep monitoring your recovery progress every week to ensure that you can get back to work as soon as possible. It also helps to prove your current fitness condition and whether you are eligible for further workers’ compensation or not.

What If You Can’t Return to Work and Perform the Same After MMI?

According to the Maximum Medical Improvement rules, you may receive additional workers’ comp benefits in Georgia if you’re unable to return to work or cannot perform at the same level as earlier after your MMI diagnosis. First of all, you’re entitled to receive supplemental job displacement benefits. This will come in the form of vouchers that range between $2 and $2000.

If you are partially disabled after the injury, your employer must increase your weekly payment benefit by 15%. Lastly, the employer must increase your substantial wage loss because you not only have to pay for your treatment but also feed your family.

Get Help With Your Clarkdale Maximum Medical Improvement Case

When the authorized workers’ comp doctor determines you’ve reached maximum medical improvement in Clarkdale, Georgia, your employer may try and use this to get out of fairly paying you what you deserve.

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