Workers’ Compensation Disputes in Clarkdale, GA

A severe work-related injury or occupational disease can put your financial future at risk, interfere with your plans, and disrupt your future. Fortunately, Georgia has a system known as the Workers’ Compensation Act that protects injured employees. However, some employers and insurance providers can unjustly deny valid claims for workers’ compensation, refusing to give employees money to cover their medical bills and monthly expenses.

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The Causes of Workers’ Compensation Disputes

As an employee who has sustained an injury at work, you can claim for loss of wages, medical bills, and disability benefits. However, your employer can dispute the claim. There are various reasons employers deny or dispute workers’ compensation claims. Some of these include:

Employment Status

Some workers may wait until they’re let go in order to file a workers’ comp claim. Insurance providers don’t like it when people wait until they are fired to file a claim and usually assume the worker is seeking revenge. If you have been legitimately injured while at work, do not wait to file a workers’ comp claim.

Outside the Scope of Employment

Workers’ comp insurance only covers injuries or illnesses related to employment. Your boss may claim that the injury occurred outside the scope of employment. For you to get the benefits stated in the cover, the cause of injury has to be determined. The injury might have been sustained at the workplace, but attributed to a different cause such as a heart attack. In such situations, independent medical exams are important for determining the cause of injury.

Missed Deadlines

As mentioned earlier, insurance companies don’t like it when employees delay making a claim. Georgia workers’ comp law establishes a deadline where workers need to provide notice within 30 days after a work-related injury. If you fail to report within this period, your boss or insurance provider has the right to deny the claim.

Additionally, employers can dispute or deny your claim because of the statute of limitations. This is the period whereby you are required to make your claim. In Georgia, you have one year from the date of the injury to file a workers’ comp claim.

No Witnesses

If there were no witnesses, your employer or the insurance provider can dispute your workers’ comp claim. After all, it is hard to prove an accident where no one was present to witness. If you are injured at work, ensure you report to your supervisor and tell your co-workers about it. Ensure you are coherent and consistent with the story.

Also, if you fail to provide adequate evidence such as medical history and records related to the injury, your employer can deny the claim. That’s why it’s important to be prompt and have a seasoned lawyer from a firm like the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition to help you navigate the murky waters.

What Do I If My Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied in Georgia?

Employers and insurance providers deny workers’ compensation claims for an array of reasons. If your boss denies your claim, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to seek benefits. There are various appeal options in Georgia that you can pursue.

If you get a denial for your workers’ compensation claim, you can request to have a hearing before Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation. In this scenario, an Administrative Law Judge will hear your case, make a determination on your injury or illness, and whether you are eligible for workers’ comp.

The Administrative Law Judge will listen to both sides. As such, it’s important to have factual and supportive information that will back up your claim and show the extent of injuries sustained while at work. This is one of the reasons it is advisable to seek legal assistance from experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Clarkdale, Georgia.

Clarkdale Workers' Compensation Disputes Infographic

Types of Clarkdale Workers’ Compensation Disputes

There are two main types of disputes around workers’ compensation claims in Georgia.

Medical Disputes

These disputes entail medical opinions and facts related to the treatment of your injuries or disease contracted while working. The dispute’s outcome not only depends on picking the right attorney, but also the practitioner’s willingness to fight for your treatment.

Examples of medical disputes include denied therapy, denied medical supplies, denied surgery, etc.

Claim Disputes

Examples of these disputes include:

  • Disability: Whether you experienced a loss of income due to the work-related accident
  • The extent of the injury: Whether the injuries include other body parts or impact your health.
  • Average Weekly Pay: Disagreements on the amount of money you should get while you are on workers’ compensation
  • Compensability: Whether the injury meets the requirements to be eligible for workers’ compensation.

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Disputes between employers and employees are not uncommon. Your employer can dispute your eligibility for compensation or disagree with the doctor on the extent of your injuries. In such cases, it is best to have a seasoned and skilled Clarkdale workers’ comp attorney by your side.

Allow the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition to guide you through every step of the process. Our competent attorneys won’t let your employer or insurance provide bully you. We will thoroughly investigate your case, handle the claim, disputes, and any appeals.

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