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Workers’ compensation cases impact more than just your ability to work. Your case could affect your financial stability and family life. What is worse is that it could leave you without a job. Work with the College Park Workers’ Compensation Lawyers to resolve your case.

Ideally, you will be able to focus on your recovery and returning to work. A lawyer can take over the paperwork and the daunting task of organizing your case.

These cases go through severe mishandling a high denial rate. Fighting for your workers’ compensation case is a long and hard process. Don’t let representatives, lawyers or doctors pressure you to return to work before you can. Get the workers’ compensation payments that you are entitled to when you are hurt on the job.

Georgia state laws are very specific, and a decent lawyer should know the ins and outs of these particular issues. You can get a good defense for your claim. You can push for a claim after denial. After a workplace injury, the first step (after seeking medical care of course) should be to call the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition and get your free case review from an experienced attorney.

A welder performs CPR on another welder who lies on the ground unconscious after a workplace injury.

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Why Should I Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Many people believe that they can handle their own workers’ comp claim. With extremely high denial rates, it’s not realistic to file without a lawyer anymore. A lawyer will work with you, your employer and their insurance carrier.

Typically the biggest issue in workers’ comp cases is that the insurance carrier doesn’t believe that the claim is just. They will often fight that the injury was from outside of work. Insurance companies will do almost anything to deny a claim. They are often reluctant to give compensation, even when the person deserves it.

A lawyer is a solution to that issue. While insurance companies work hard to battle workers comp fraud, a lawyer looks out for the employee. In these situations, a workers’ comp lawyer can review what benefits you have access to.

Lawyers also have greater resources available to them. During the claim and case, they can compile any safety reports, your medical records, and more. Gathering evidence is the best way to show your side of the claim. When you are recovering from an injury, you don’t have time to worry about these things.

Ultimately, you will have the best chance for your claim if you work with our Collge Park workers’ compensation lawyers. It can help you ward off allegations of fraud, and hopefully will keep appeals to a minimum.

Georgia workers’ comp should cover lost wages, your medical costs, and any permanent disability as well. If you or a family member has a claim in process, you need a lawyer on your side.

Filing A Claim

In GA, employers with three or more staff must provide workers’ comp, with minimal exclusions to this rule.

If your employer does have workers’ comp insurance, then you need to notify your employer of the injury. In most cases, employees do this right away informally. You need to submit a formal, “notice of injury” with your boss. Then that notice will serve as your first step towards filing a claim.

Afterward, you will need to file a WC-14 form. This form informs the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation that you were hurt on the job.

You will need to provide a lot of information at this point, and lawyers can take this off your hands. You need to address:

  • The location of where your injury took place
  • Employment confirmation
  • Assurance that you met requirements for workers’ comp eligibility
  • Proof that the injury came from your job
  • Proof of recent wages

This information collectively serves as a report. You will also need to see a doctor provided through your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier. Employers must keep this information available to their staff.

You do have options when it comes to selecting your doctor and seeking a second opinion if you need one. Good College Park workers’ compensation lawyers may help you choose a doctor based on their experience and background.

For example, if a doctor consistently shows up on workers’ comp claims, you may want to avoid that physician. Insights such as selecting a doctor with a reputable background are aspects where an attorney can help you with the selection of a doctor and your claim.

My Claim was Denied, Now What Do I Do?

A worker lies unconscious after suffering a workplace injury.

If you were initially denied, don’t be surprised. Most cases in GA for workers’ comp go through a denial phase. Denial can come from submitting the incorrect form or even your doctor leaving a form incomplete.

Because these forms are so particular, there is no room for error. Lawyers help individuals complete all the necessary forms correctly the first time to avoid unnecessary denial.

Other reasons for denial can include the doctor or insurance representative claiming that the injury was not from work. From accidents to work-related activities, it is difficult for anyone to determine whether or not the injury came from the job. Doctors use their best judgment and document their findings. Then insurance carriers decide what they want to do with that information.

After a denial, you can begin the appeals process. Your appeal hearing will take place within a 60-day window from the time that your file reaches a judge. The hearing is only the first part of the appeal. During the hearing, the judge will listen to you. They will also listen to someone from the insurance carrier. The judge will decide at the hearing if they will issue an award or denial.

If the judge provides a denial, you still have options for further review of your case. Speak with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer if you are preparing to file your appeal. A lawyer will help you get ready for a workers’ comp hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

What Am I Entitled To?

Workers’ Comp Benefits in College Park, GA are very straightforward. Anyone who is hurt at work, or through the work environment is eligible for benefits. The benefits can add up to two-thirds of your weekly income or a maximum of $575, weekly. You can receive workers’ comp for up to 400 weeks, but this is only in extreme cases.

Most cases payout for a few weeks or until your doctor will sign off for you to return to work. An injured employee may only need a few weeks to let a sprain heal. However, there are many other injuries that may impact you throughout your entire life.

A catastrophic injury such as loss of a limb may entitle you to benefits for the remainder of your life.

On top of the weekly compensation for wages lost, you should expect your employer to pay for medical expenses. They will only pay for expenses directly related to the injury.

For example, someone who injured their shoulder may need to have surgery, time to rest, and rehabilitation. In this case, the employer should cover the cost of the surgery, any follow-up appointments, and the necessary rehabilitation.

Taking Time Off Work

You should only return to work when you have received clearance from your doctor. It might seem easier to return when you feel ready, but you need to wait.

Returning to work too early can hurt your claim, any possible case, and most importantly, lead to further injury. When someone takes more than 7 days off to recover from their injury, they become eligible to file for workers’ comp.

If you have started a workers’ comp case, be sure that you stay at home resting until your doctor allows you to return to work.

The more common issue with returning to work is that their work or their doctor urges them to return to work before they feel able. If this is the case, then you need the help of a lawyer. Too often a doctor or employer will urge you to return to work to show that your injury was minimal. Doing so may not only limit your eligibility for workers’ comp but also put you at risk of re-injuring yourself.

When taking time off work, you need to get approval from your doctor to return and feel like you are capable of performing your job duties.

College Park Workers' Compensation Lawyer

How Long Do Cases Last?

Because every case is different, there is no guarantee of a time frame. It is possible that your case is simple and the insurance company will award your compensation in about 21 days. Those cases are rare, even in simple cases.

After the initial 21 day investigation period, your case could go through a further review, appeal, or even be taken to court. Our College Park workers’ compensation lawyers will help you understand what time frame you should expect. Effective attorneys aren’t always the fastest. It is more important to resolve your case properly rather than to close it in a hurry.

Call A College Park Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

While you are trying to heal from your injuries or adjust to taking time off, let the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition handle your case. A serious work injury can leave you with tens of thousands in medical debt, and leave you unable to return to work for an extended period.

It is vital that you get the help of a College Park workers’ compensation lawyer early in your claim. Call the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition at 470-518-5026 for a risk-free case evaluation now. With a focus on recovering workers’ comp for the injured, you can be sure that you will receive the attention that your case deserves.