Compensable Work Injuries in Dallas, GA

In the state of Georgia, workers qualify for workers’ compensation the day they are employed. As a result, if a worker gets injured on their first day at work while performing their duties, he or she automatically qualifies to receive benefits and medical care as they cover. However, even though workers’ comp is there to protect the rights of workers, it still can be difficult for employees to ascertain whether they have suffered compensable work injuries in Dallas, GA.

As a worker in Dallas, Georgia, you need to be aware of the fact that employers and their insurers are always out to downplay workers’ injuries and even go as far as questioning the authenticity of their injuries. They do so because it’s in their best interest to ensure that a claim is denied so they can avoid paying benefits.

If you have been injured while working, a qualified Dallas workers’ compensation lawyer can help you establish whether you qualify to pursue a compensable injury claim or not. To receive the counsel and representation you need to pursue a workers’ comp claim, contact Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Dallas today and schedule a consultation with our experienced workers’ comp attorneys to have your case reviewed at no cost. Dial 470-518-5026 now to speak to an attorney!

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What are Considered Compensable Work Injuries in Dallas?

In Georgia, a workplace injury is considered compensable if it satisfies one of two conditions or both:

The Injury Was Caused by Your Occupation

There has to be a cause-and-effect connection between your injury and what you do. For example, let us say you suffer a stroke while seated at your desk in your place of work. In such an instance, the condition isn’t considered compensable as the ailment isn’t connected to the nature of your work. However, there are some instances where the nature of occupation may have been the root cause of the stroke. When that’s the case, then the condition might be considered compensable as long as a connection has been established.

The Injury Happened While You Were Doing Your Job

If you sustained injuries while performing your duties, then the injuries might be considered compensable. However, if you sustained injuries while outside your place of work like during a lunch break, then your injuries might not be considered compensable as they are out of the scope of your employment. On the other hand, if you sustained injuries while on a lunch date with a client, then your injuries might be considered compensable since your meeting was work-related.

Simply put, work-related injuries are considered compensable as long as they are sustained while the worker is performing their duties as an employee of the company. As long as these conditions are met, then you are free to seek compensation for your injuries.

Common Work Injuries in Dallas, Georgia

Work-related injuries can happen anywhere in any occupation, though some jobs, such as construction, pose much higher risks than others. Here is a list of common injuries workers in different lines of work sustain while performing their duties.

Back, Neck, and Head Injuries

Back and neck injuries are amongst the common injuries amongst workers in all occupations and may be caused by anything from slip and fall to auto accidents to being struck in the head by falling objects.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slips and falls are common accidents that happen in virtually all occupations and may be caused by anything from wet/icy floors, unstable walkways, poor lighting, and scattered debris to uneven cords amongst other things. Common injuries include broken hands and legs, skull fractures, fractured disks, and backbones, etc.


Amputations are generally caused by freak accidents and are a common occurrence in environments where heavy machinery and equipment are used.

Hearing Loss

Injuries involving loss of hearing are commonplace in the construction industry where extreme noise and loudness are common.


Since some occupations involve working around extreme heat or fire, individuals who work in such environments are more predisposed to sustaining serious burn injuries than others in other occupations.

concept of a burn as a compensable work injury in Dallas, GA

Joint Pain

Workers who lift heavy things all the time are generally more prone to experiencing joint pain as a result of overexertion. Common injuries include ankle pain, back pain, pain in the neck, etc.


Bone fractures are a common injury sustained by workers in various occupations and may be the result of a slip and fall accident or being crushed by heavy machinery amongst other things. Injuries may include broken hands and legs, fractured skulls, broken ribs, etc.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites pose many injury risks to workers and the injuries sustained tend to be serious or even fatal. Commonly sustained construction site injuries include broken bones, sprained ankles, and even death and may be caused by getting struck by falling objects, electrocution falls, etc.

Accidents while traveling for business

Traveling for business also poses significant risks to employees as they could end up sustaining serious injuries like broken limbs, head injuries, and fractured backbones, and may be caused by car accidents, plane crashes, hit and runs, etc.

Accidents while operating company machinery/tools

Employees who operate tools and machinery are constantly at risk of being injured or decapitated by the machines they operate. Common injuries include broken limbs, head injuries, fractured bones, etc.

What Compensable Injuries Can Injured Workers in Georgia Claim?

In Georgia, if you get hurt while working and are qualify for workers’ compensation, then you are entitled to the following things:

  • Medical care – covers all costs related to your stay in the hospital, surgical equipment used, and ambulance fees.
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions and medication
  • Travel expenses
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Since Georgia has regulations the govern workers’ compensation claims in the state, consider hiring an experienced and professional workers’ comp lawyer that specializes in Georgia’s workers’ comp laws and compensable work injuries in Dallas to increase your chances of receiving maximum benefits for injuries sustained.

How Long Does an Injured Worker in Dallas Have to File for Compensable Work Injury Benefits?

Georgia has a one-year statute of limitations for claims involving work-related injuries. As such, if you believe you have a case to pursue against your employer, you have 1 year from the date you got injured or your illness was diagnosed to file your claim.

Why Hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Dallas for Your Workers’ Comp Compensable Injuries Claim?

Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws are quite complex and can be overwhelming to anyone who doesn’t know the statutes and laws that surround filing a claim for benefits. Since employers and their insurers and legal teams know these laws quite well, they might use them against you to ensure your claim is denied. As an injured worker, you should consider retaining the services of a Dallas workers’ compensation lawyer and have them counsel and represent you to increase your chances of receiving the compensation you need and deserve.

The legal team at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition is made up of competent and experienced professionals with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to aggressively pursue a workers’ compensation claim. Call us today to set up a meeting with our workers’ compensation lawyers, and let us help you fight for your rights.