Workers Compensation Benefits in Dallas, GA

Every business with more than two employees is legally required to provides its staff with workers’ compensation insurance. The cover serves as an assurance of receiving benefits for losses and suffering incurred after a work-related accident. But you also have to contend with the insurance providers who will be keen on reducing the compensation or deny your claim. It is a hustle you can avoid if you hire an experienced and reliable workers’ compensation lawyer to fight for your workers compensation benefits in Dallas.

At Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we are seasoned law professionals that understand how to navigate the different hurdles when filing a workers’ comp claim. Call us today at 470-518-5026 to speak to one of our workers’ compensation attorneys in Dallas, GA, and learn more about how we can help. The lawyer handling your case will take you through the various steps you must take to secure your chances of receiving the benefits.

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What Are Dallas, Georgia Workers Compensation Benefits Limits?

Workers’ compensation ensures employees get relief after suffering workplace injuries or sicknesses. But it does not only benefit the workers; it also shields the employer from possible lawsuits stemming from a work-related accident.

It is an insurance cover that businesses must take for their staff according to state and federal laws. However, state-imposed workers’ compensation laws differ from state to state; thus, the benefits can vary. Fortunately, there are some similarities in the limits. For instance, what a claimer is awarded will also suffice to cover attorney’s protection fees, litigation costs, and court charges. Therefore, the primary focus when fighting for you to get the benefit owed is on the value in each cost and setting the appropriate cutoff point.

Get in touch as soon as possible to get the compensation process rolling. We shall let you know what your case is worth and provide our services on a contingency fee basis. Furthermore, you will be informed about the benefits you can pursue through the workers’ compensation claims process, receiving a precise cutoff point which your lawyer will determine based on your injuries or sickness and the losses incurred.

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What Are The Types Of Workers Compensation Benefits In Dallas, Georgia?

All employees are entitled to workers compensation benefits, and they can be eligible to receive the following types of benefits defined by the nature of the accident and extent of injury or illness sustained:

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

It is awarded to employees who suffered a work-related injury or sickness, returned to work but gets a lesser income than prior to the accident. Therefore, a temporary partial disability benefit is more of a wage-loss benefit with a seven-day holding period and can be paid for nearly 500 weeks.

Temporary Total Disability Benefit (TTD)

It is awarded to employees recuperating after treatment for a workplace injury or disease. The benefit also has a seven-day holding period which can be voided if the victim’s recuperation period takes more than three weeks. A temporary total disability benefit can be paid for nearly 500 weeks, but this period can be extended depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

It is a benefit that a victim of a work-related injury receives if they reach maximum medical improvement. However, the victim’s doctor is legally mandated to render the MMI, meaning the attending physician has determined that the individual’s condition cannot improve even with further medical intervention. It is a situation that leaves most victims still nursing wounds, some deformity, disability, or chronic pain. The permanent partial disability benefit is active once the employee’s recuperation period elapses or after getting the MMI from the doctor. It is payable over 200 weeks.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

It is a benefit that employees working under limited conditions can receive, but they must meet specific demands. It is a life-long payment and is awarded chiefly to workers that lose a body part – leg, hand, foot, eye, or ear in a workplace accident.

How Is Workers’ Compensation Benefit Calculated In Dallas, Georgia?

How much your workers’ compensation claim is worth can be determined based on the nature of the accident and the extent of the injuries sustained. Your lawyer will consider these facts when deciding which of the four types of compensation you are eligible for.

For a temporary disability benefit, you can receive a maximum of weekly, which is based on 2/3 of your average weekly gross pay. It is payable over thirteen weeks. You would get 75% of your temporary disability rate if you suffered any permanent impairment from the work-related accident.

In a situation where you suffered permanent total disability, the benefits awarded are calculated based on a 75% rate along with your yearly cost of living adjustments. You will receive the benefits until you reach 62 years, at which point you are entitled to get your Social Security Retirement benefits.

How are workers compensation benefits calculated?

Are Georgia Workers Compensation Benefits in Dallas Taxed?

The answer is NO. Workers’ comp insurance is nontaxable given that the state and federal laws tax-exempt any benefits an employee gets for a workplace injury or illness. The lawyer handling your case will explain this fully when representing you and fighting for your rights.

Let Us Help You Get Your Workers Compensation Benefits in Dallas

While workplace accidents are covered under workers’ compensation insurance, getting the benefits you are entitled to might not be a walk in the park. Most employers and their insurance providers will do what they can to avoid incurring losses due to occupational injuries and sicknesses their employees suffer.

However, the law gives you the right to receive full compensation for your injuries. At Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we specialize in helping our clients face their employers and insurance providers when seeking workers’ comp benefits. Therefore, we are confident that we are the law experts to call if you are looking for professional, aggressive legal counsel and representation. Call us at 470-518-5026 to schedule a non-obligatory case review. In addition, our seasoned attorneys in Dallas, GA, will answer any questions you have and advise you on the step to take to secure your chances of getting the maximum compensation.