Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Decatur, GA

It is a legal requirement for employers to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees if the number of hired workers exceeds two. With this kind of insurance cover, an employee has the privilege of filing for worker’s compensation benefits if he or she has sustained a work-related injury. Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Decatur, GA, allow employees to be compensated for their work-related injuries and illness, but not all victims get a chance to get a fair settlement.

Even though the law does give you legal rights to file for a work-related injury claim and allow you to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you will need the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your interest. That is because the insurance company can try to deny you what you rightfully deserve or make sure that your settlement is reduced.

The Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Decatur, GA can help you overcome such challenges and ensure that you receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to get. Our experienced team will first review your case before giving you legal advice on what to do to build a strong case.

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What Are Decatur, Georgia, Workers Compensation Income Limits?

Workers’ compensation does not only benefit the employees but the employer as well. That is because the policy prevents a company or business from being legally sued due to non-voluntary or voluntary carelessness or negligence.

Even though the State has made it mandatory for employers to have a worker’s compensation insurance policy, each State has its own regulations and rules that govern worker’s compensation. Furthermore, workers’ compensation income limits also differ from state to state.

However, there are a few guidelines that offer similar benefits that are achieved in all states when working on workers’ compensation limits. Some of these benefits that are similar in all states include covering court charges, lawyer protection costs, and lawful expenses.

Decatur Workers Compensation Benefits Infographic

Types of Decatur, Georgia, Workers’ Compensation Benefits

As an employee living in Decatur, Georgia, you need to be aware of the fact that there are 4 types of workers’ compensation benefits in this region. These 4 types of workers’ compensation benefits are usually defined based on two factors which are the degree of one’s inability and incapacity period. Here are the 4 types of Decatur, Georgia, workers’ compensation benefits.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

These particular benefits are issued to an employee who has sustained severe injuries and is unable to continue working. That means the employee is compensated for his or her losses during the recovery period. Moreover, this particular benefit also comes with a holding period of at least 7 days.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)

TPD benefits are awarded to an employee who has experienced wage loss as a result of a work-related injury. Wage-loss occurs when an employee resumes work but is unable to perform better than before the work-related injury or illness, and as a result, he or she ends up getting paid less. With these types of benefits, an employee can be compensated for wage loss, which is payable up to a maximum of 500 weeks.

Man was injured while at work, and coworkers are explaing workers' compensation benefits in Decatur, GA

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

Permanent partial disability benefits are rarely awarded. That is because these types of benefits are only issued when a worker has reached the MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). When an employee reaches this stage, it means that his or her medical condition cannot improve further. As a result, the employee can be left nursing severe wounds or scars or even with a deformity. Therefore, the employee receives compensation after the recuperating period has expired.

Permanent partial disability benefits are also awarded to employees who have sustained planned injuries. Planned injuries are injuries that have affected the employee’s body parts making it difficult for one to execute his or her duties.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

Permanent total disability benefits are often issued with restricted conditions. Furthermore, there are certain rules that one must adhere to in order to qualify for this type of award. The reason why permanent total disability benefits are awarded under such restricted conditions is that these types of benefits are awarded for a lifetime. Moreover, PTD is payable when employee losses a part of his or her body including, legs, eyes, hands, and feet.

How are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Decatur, GA Calculated?

Various factors are considered when calculating workers’ compensation benefits. These factors are the weekly income of the injured employee, injuries sustained by the employee as well as the employment status of an employee. Therefore, in Decatur, GA, workers’ compensation benefits can be calculated in the following way;

  1. Temporary Disability is paid for not more than 13 weeks and the maximum amount awarded for temporary disability benefits is not more than $1000 every week.
  2. If a worker’s case involves the permanent impairment, 75% of his or her temporary disability rate is issued as compensation.
  3. Permanent total disability benefits are calculated almost in a similar way as the temporary disability benefits. However, the only difference is that yearly living expenses are included until an employee reaches the age of 62.

Are Decatur, GA, Workers Compensation Benefits Taxed?

Decatur, GA, workers’ compensation benefits are not taxed. That means any compensation benefits that are awarded to employees are not deducted at the federal or state level. These benefits are meant to help employees recover from work-related illnesses and injuries that is why the state does not include any taxes in workers’ compensation benefits.

When Should I Call an Attorney?

If you have been involved in a work-related accident and sustained serious injuries, you can recover from your damages by filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Even if you have not been able to go back to work because of your injuries, you can get compensated for lost wages and future medical treatment with the help of the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Decatur, GA.

Therefore, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve after filing for workers’ compensation benefits, contact us today and we will help you with your case and make sure that you get a fair settlement.