Compensable Work Injuries in Douglasville, GA

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to ensure that workers have some protection from workplace injuries. If a worker suffers compensable work injuries in Douglasville, they may be eligible for benefits that will help to protect them from the financial losses that they’ve sustained.

Although these protections are valuable, many workers have a limited understanding of their rights under the law. Many workers don’t know what kinds of injuries qualify for compensation, and because of that, many fail to seek the benefits that they’re entitled to. If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, and you’d like to know if you can be compensated for that injury, Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition can answer your questions, help you build your case, and make sure that your rights are protected throughout this process.

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What are Compensable Work Injuries in Douglasville?

A work-related injury that is eligible for workers’ comp benefits is referred to as a compensable injury. With that said, not all injuries are compensable, and the term “work-related injury” can sometimes be difficult to define.

Examples of compensable injuries include:

Serious and Catastrophic Loss

Any work-related injury that has resulted in a serious bodily loss is compensable. These types of injuries include broken bones, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limb, spinal cord injuries, scarring, and permanent disfigurement. Hearing and vision loss are also covered.

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Joint and Tissue Injuries

Joint injuries, such as fractures, dislocations, strains, and sprains, are compensable. Soft-tissue injuries, like tendonitis and bursitis, are also likely to be covered. These injuries typically impact the foot, ankle, leg, hip, shoulder, arm, or hand.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Overuse and repetitive motions can lead to painful and debilitating injuries. These injuries can occur on virtually any job that requires workers to repeat the same type of physical tasks. Examples of these injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

Although these injuries are compensable, it can be more difficult to prove that the injury is related to work. Since these injuries get worse over time, it can also be hard to establish when the injury occurred. It’s always best to contact a lawyer about your repetitive motion injury if you want to ensure that you are properly compensated.

Injuries that Exacerbate Pre-Existing Conditions

Injuries that involve pre-existing conditions may still be compensable. Work-related activities, like lifting a heavy box, can worsen or aggravate your injury, leading to more severe symptoms. However, the benefits that are available to you may be reduced. An attorney can tell you more about the benefits available to workers struggling with injuries related to pre-existing conditions.

Occupational Illnesses

Exposure to certain materials, such as black mold or asbestos, can lead to serious illness. If it can be proven that you were explosed to these materials on the job, your illness may qualify as a compensable injury. Workplace exposure to a contagious illness that keeps you from working could also be compensable.

In order for an injury to be covered, it must occur while you are engaging in an activity that benefits your employer. This could include injuries that happen on the job as well as injuries that take place at employer-sanctioned events, such as a company picnic.

Injuries that occur during work breaks may or may not be covered. If you are no longer on the clock, but you are injured on company premises, your injury may also be compensable. If you’re unsure if the injury you sustained is compensable, it’s best to speak with an experienced Douglasville workers’ compensation lawyer.


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What Types of Compensation Can You Claim?

One of the primary types of compensation you can claim through workers’ comp are income benefits. These benefits are designed to cover wages lost because you are unable to work. You may also be able to claim benefits if your injury still allows you to work, but leads to a reduction of wages.

Typically, workers’ compensation is designed to be equivalent to two-thirds of your average wages before the injury. However, there are limits on how the benefits a person can receive. In Georgia, payments are capped at $675 per week.

You can also be compensated for medical expenses. According to Georgia law, your employer is responsible for the full cost of treatment for a workplace injury. After a physician has declared that you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), the treatment that is covered is far more limited.

While the primary purpose of workers’ compensation is to help you return to work when you are able, you may be able to receive permanent benefits if your injury has left you unable to work or unable to earn the wages that you did before your injury. When someone dies because of a workplace injury, workers’ compensation also provides benefits to their dependents.

How Long do You Have to File for Compensation in Georgia?

According to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, a Notice of Claim should be filed within one year of the date of the work injury. In cases where you received medical treatment because of your injury, however, that deadline could potentially be extended.

It’s best to file for compensation as soon as possible in order to preserve evidence and improve your chances of receiving benefits. If you are unsure on how to proceed with your claim, or if you would like to know if your claim is within the Statute of Limitations, the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Douglasville, GA would be happy to answer your questions.

Because the laws surrounding workers’ comp are fairly complex, it isn’t always easy to identify Douglasville compensable work injuries. If you’d like to know if your claim is compensable, or if you’d like to move forward with filing a claim, the best thing that you can do is talk to a lawyer.

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