Employer Convicted of Violating Labor Laws After His Contractor Lost His Life in 2016 Wildfire

County Superior Court in Monterey convicted an employer of violating labor laws.

Robert Raegan died in 2016 after a terrible wildfire; he was a contract bulldozer operator, hired by Ian Czirban. The fire grew above 130 000 acres near Big Star.

Monterey County Superior Court judge ruled that Czirban was guilty of several counts. The first is for failing to file a payroll tax return (willfully). His other counts include lacking workers’ comp and filing a false document.

Three years after the death of the worker, his employer is found guilty of Reagan’s death.

After Reagan died, another two heavy equipment contractors lost their lives while helping state fire teams fighting large fires. Their employers did not have worker’s compensation as well.

The contractors were constantly claiming that they had no employees.

Regan, who was thirty-five-years-old, died when the dozer he was operating toppled a ridge. The death occurred on July 26, 2016, only a few days after one of the biggest and most expensive wildfires in American history.

The man left a wife and two children who were struggling after his death, mostly because the company Reagan worked for did not have any worker’s compensation policy.

State regulators checked the company and realized that it did not have any benefits nor worker’s compensation. Monterey County pressed charges against Czirbian for worker’s compensation fraud and tax frauds.

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