Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Forest Park, GA

Employees are the backbone of every nation’s economy; hence they are worth protecting. That is why the national and state laws established the workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Georgia requires businesses with three or more workers to carry this workers’ compensation coverage. Employers are also legally obligated to creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

You have a right to file a workers’ comp claim in Forest Park, Georgia, if you suffered an occupational injury or illness. But keep in mind that reporting a work injury in Forest Park, GA has its challenges, and it is wise to hire an experienced and reliable workers’ comp attorney to help even with reporting a work injury to the relevant authorities.

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How Long Do I Have in Reporting a Work Injury in Forest Park, Georgia?

The law requires employees to notify their employer, manager, team leader, or supervisors of any accidents they are involved in when on the job. They also should inform the insurance provider. Workers have thirty days to submit their notice to the respective authorities.

But there are instances where an employee might discover the injury or illness day or weeks after the workplace accident occurred. In such cases, the worker is expected to notify the employer about the accident within thirty days from the date of learning of their condition.

But we highly recommend reporting the workplace accident immediately after it happens. We advise victims to do this because they have the best chance of gathering reliable proof crucial when seeking compensation. On the other hand, the employer can use the same thirty=day period to investigate the incident and verify your claims.


Who Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury to?

Workplace accidents leave most employees confused about what to do as they seek treatment. As a result, they will incur medical expenses and suffer other losses due to occupational injury or illness and will not be confident about facing the employer requesting compensation. However, the law gives you the right as a worker to pursue a workers’ compensation claim for injuries or sicknesses sustained when executing your duties at the workplace.

However, you should know the various requirements you must follow when filing the claim. And this starts with report the incident to the relevant authorities. According to the Georgia workers’ compensation act, you are expected to report the accident to your employer or the persons in charge at work, like your team leader, manager, HR, supervisor, or foreman.

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What Are The Employer’s Responsibilities After A Workplace Injury?

Employers are legally required to honor several things after being notified by a worker of an accident in the workplace. They are obligations or responsibilities that state laws demand employers to fulfill, and they are:

Report the Accident

The employer must file a report of the accident to the Georgia Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, defining the type of accident, nature, and severity of the worker’s injuries or illness, and if the employee needs some time off work to seek treatment and recuperate.

The employer must also report the accident to other relevant authorities, such as the Georgia Ministry of Labor and the state’s Joint Health & Safety Committee, if it is a construction site accident.

Support the Injured Worker

The employer is expected to support the injured workers get employment contribution benefits, health insurance, pension, and life insurance.

May Not Fire Injured Worker

The employer should not fire the injured employee but ensure they retain their current position and resume after recovering. They can give the worker a different job or responsibility that suits their performance restrictions attributed to their illness or injury.

What Are The Employee’s Responsibilities After A Workplace Injury?

Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, employees are required to honor certain responsivities when pursuing compensation for an occupational injury or sickness. Failure to fulfill the stipulated requirements and dent a worker’s chances of receiving full compensation. The responsibilities include:

Report Accident to Manager/Supervisor

The worker must report the workplace accident to their superiors (manager, supervisor, team leader, or the business owner) before or when heading for treatment. The report should be a written notice subject to a submission deadline of thirty days from the accident date or when the employee discovers they were injured or got sick after the incident.

Hard hat and form for reporting work injury in Forest Park, Georgia

Seek Medical Care

The employee should seek medical attention after notifying the accident. They should head to the hospital or inform their health physician of their injuries or illness to get appropriate treatment. Also, it is best to request the doctor for a copy of the medical report, for it could be used as evidence in the claim case.

File a Claim

Workers should file a WC-14 form, giving the correct details of what happened, and submit it to Georgia’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

Employees should adhere to the state’s workers’ comp laws, following the stipulated guidelines for filing a compensation claim. In addition, they should not make any false or misleading statements because it is a criminal offense that can have legal consequences and could potentially dent their chances of getting compensation.

Overall, it is best for people who want to file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia to consider consulting an experienced lawyer. It is the wisest move since most employers and their insurance carriers have a team of attorneys on their side hired to handle legal issues that arise to mitigate any related losses.

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Even though workers’ compensation is a national and state requirement. All employers in Georgia with three or more staff members must have workers’ comp insurance to give injured workers’ a protective umbrella. Fighting to recover workers’ comp benefits can be overwhelming, but things need not be such a hustle if you hire a lawyer.

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