Georgia Airline Employee Killed by Man in Company Parking Lot

Usually, workers comp lawyers in Atlanta deal with clients who are hurt while on the job. But, typically, their injuries happen while they’re doing their job. It’s always difficult when someone is injured or killed on company property but not while technically doing their job. Sadly, this is what happened to a woman near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Alexis Reed was presumably on break or just getting off work when she was attacked in the airport parking lot. A man she knew – Raeshaun Jones – shot her multiple times and left her there in the parking lot to die. The College Park police found her shortly thereafter. Sadly, she did not survive.

The authorities confirmed that Reed wasn’t Jones’ only victim that night. Earlier in the evening, he had shot and killed another woman. Her name has not yet been released yet.

Before the police were able to get to Jones, he had killed himself. The reports didn’t state exactly how he committed suicide. They also didn’t give a reason for the slaying. They did, however, confirm that Jones knew both women.

Reed’s family may have separate legal claims here. First, they may have a workers comp claim against Delta Airlines. If Reed was on the clock at the time of the accident, this is a possibility. They may also have a claim for inadequate security. There’s no information on how Jones managed to get into the parking lot with a gun. Reed’s family will also have a claim against the estate of Raeshaun Jones. However, given the fact that he was the kind of man who would kill two women in cold blood, he probably didn’t have any assets.

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