Georgia Construction Worker Plunges to His Death

Nobody wakes up and thinks they’re going to injured at work. They just do what they have to do five days a week to provide for their families. Construction workers are at a special risk when it comes to workplace accidents. They work in dangerous locations and do dangerous work. When they do get injured at work, their injuries tend to be very serious. Such was the case for an unnamed man in Sandy Springs, Georgia on Thursday. While details are scarce, Georgia construction worker plunges to his death, what is clear is that the man was working on the interchange project at Interstate 285-Georgia 400.

The project, which started back in 2017, is expected to be completed next year. The man who died Thursday was not a federal or state employee. He is a sub-contractor and investigators haven’t identified the name of the company he worked for.

While reporters haven’t revealed exactly what happened, it is believed that the worker fell and plunged to his death. Investigators are being very tight-lipped when it comes to telling the press exactly what happened. This isn’t surprising. While the investigation is ongoing, very few details will be released.

So far, the only thing authorities will confirm is that the man’s death was an accident.

In cases like this, the employee’s family will likely have a claim for death benefits under Georgia’s workers compensation program. The victim’s family can file a claim for damages, including funeral expenses, lost future earnings and other losses.

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