How Long Do You Have to Work at a Company to Be Eligible for Workers Comp in Georgia?

One question a lot of workers have when they call personal injury lawyers is how long they must be on the job before they’re eligible for workers comp benefits. For a lot of programs, such as unemployment, you need to work a certain number of weeks or hours before you can collect unemployment. Generally speaking, in Georgia, you need to work for at least six (6) months before you qualify for unemployment benefits. The same is true for qualifying for protection under programs such as the Family Medical Leave Act. However, there’s a big difference between government programs and workers compensation benefits in Georgia.

Workers compensation is not something that is paid by the government. Employers have to pay for workers compensation insurance. And, workers comp benefits are paid out by insurance companies. Yes, if your worker’s comp claim is denied, the courts will step in and determine if you were eligible. But, when it comes to your claim being paid, the State has nothing to do with it. They set the guidelines for qualification and eligibility, but they don’t process or pay claims. This means that it’s up to your employer and their insurance company as to whether your claim will be paid or denied.

If you’ve worked for a company and get hurt on the job, you should be entitled to benefits. If you meet the general criteria, there’s no reason why your claim would be denied. This is the case no matter how long you’ve worked for your company. However, if your claim is denied, you really should call an experienced workers comp lawyer in Georgia.

You Should Be Entitled to Benefits Whether You’ve Worked for Your Employer for a Year or a Day

When it comes to worker’s comp benefits, it shouldn’t matter how long you’ve worked for the company. As soon as you’re hired on the books, your coverage should kick in. This makes sense. You’re just as likely to suffer a workplace injury on your first day as on your hundredth. In fact, you may be more likely to get hurt in the first few weeks or months of new employment. You won’t be as familiar with the equipment and the processes as you would be after you’ve worked there for a long time.

If your claim is denied and you think it’s because of your tenure, you need to call a skilled injury lawyer right away. There’s a chance that the insurance company is taking advantage of you. They may not think you’ll seek legal counsel. Or, they figure you’ll just move on and find a new job after you recover from your injury. Sadly, a lot of people do just that. They either don’t know their rights, or they’re so disgusted with the way they’ve been treated, they don’t want to return to work for that company. The problem is, you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face. If you’re legally entitled to benefits, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by not calling our office.

Many Employers Are Suspicious of Claims from New Employees

It isn’t surprising that employers would be skeptical of workers comp claims from new employees. After all, they’ve seen it before. Somebody starts a new job, gets hurt right away and then collects benefits for months or years. Unfortunately, this is where a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch. If this happens to you, call and talk to a Georgia workers comp attorney right away.

Contact a Skilled Workers Compensation Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Right Away

If you’ve only been on the job a few months (or a few hours) and suffer a workplace injury, you may be entitled to workers comp benefits. If your claim is denied, you need help. You need to support your family. If you’re denied your workers comp benefits, you won’t be able to do this. On top of that, you’ll have no way of paying for your medical care. That’s why you should call our office and schedule your free initial consultation. Let one of our expert Atlanta workers compensation attorneys review your case and see if you should have received your benefits. And, if your claim is denied because your employer or the insurance company state you haven’t worked at the company long enough, you may have a legal claim.

Call as soon as possible and set up a date and time that works for you. We can conduct the initial consultation by telephone, Zoom or Skype if necessary. The consultation is free and you don’t pay anything until your claim is resolved.