Injured Georgia Worker: Know Your Rights

Since 1911, workers in the U.S. have been entitled to workers’ compensation for injuries sustained on the job. Yet many injured Atlanta workers miss out on benefits and compensation simply because they do not know the rules or because employers assume they do not know their rights. Here at Workers Compensation Lawyers our workers’ compensation lawyers want all Georgia workers to understand exactly what they are entitled to.

In accordance with Georgia laws, workers have the right to receive compensation for work-related accidents, including medical, rehabilitation, income, illness, and death benefits. There are nine basic benefits and twelve responsibilities all workers should be aware of.

The Nine Rights of Employees Who Have Been Hurt

The state requires employers to post the State Board of Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights as well as a Panel of Physicians in a conspicuous area of the workplace. This document, drawn up by Georgia lawmakers, lists nine rights for workers injured on the job.

  1. Workers injured in an accident at work can claim rehabilitation, medical, and income benefits that can help you return to work. In addition, dependents may also be eligible for benefits is the injury results in death.
  1. Employers are required to post a minimum of six WC/MCO-certified doctors who can provide medical care. An injured worker can change doctors once without the permission of the employer. For emergencies, temporary medical care can be provided by any available doctor; when the emergency is over treatment must be provided by one of the listed doctors. 
  1. Any authorized doctor, hospital, and rehabilitation expenses will be paid for injuries that happened at work. In certain cases this could include physical therapy, prescriptions, and necessary travel expenses.
  1. After seven days of missed work you can start receiving benefits for an injury that prevents you from working. When the number of consecutive days exceeds 21 days, you must be paid for the first week of missed work.
  1. For catastrophic injuries, the worker has the right to two-thirds of their average weekly pay, up to $525, while they are still unable to work. Catastrophic injuries are generally those that prevent the worker from earning a living wage.
  1. For non-catastrophic injuries, the worker can receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage, up to $525 per week, for a maximum of 400 weeks. The amount may be decreased if they are not working, but could be employed within certain limits.
  1. If the worker can only go back to work at a lower-paying job, the worker could receive up to $350 per week for a period of 350 weeks.
  1. In the event of worker death from a workplace accident, their dependents may obtain $7,500 for funeral expenses and two-thirds average weekly wage, up to $525 per week. If the payment reaches $150,000 (for a spouse with no kids), if the spouse remarries or lives with a new partner.
  1. Insurance providers must pay late penalties when injured worker payments are delayed.

For Questions Regarding Your Rights and Filing a Claim

If you or a family member has been injured in a job-related accident in Georgia, you deserve to get the support and compensation you are owed. To find out more about workers’ compensation and filing a claim contact Workers Compensation Lawyers to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta. Call 678-504-6565 for your free consultation.