Is a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Really Necessary?

Thousands of workers are injured every year in Atlanta while performing their jobs. Coping with an injury can be very difficult and one of the first questions many injured workers find themselves asking is if they will need a lawyer to represent them throughout the workers’ compensation process. While an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can always be a good ally, whether or not one is necessary depends on the specifics of the individual worker’s case.  

Hiring an Attorney or Representing Yourself

  Hiring a lawyer is never a mandatory part of the Georgia workers’ compensation system and for many injuries, doing so is unnecessary. In most cases, a worker can handle the filing process and receive benefits if the following are true:  
  • The injuries were relatively minor and required no missed days of work;
  • Your employer admits the injury occurred during work; and
  • No pre-existing conditions contributed to the injury.
  Many work injuries meet the aforementioned conditions and a worker should have no trouble representing themselves during the workers’ compensation proceedings. When cases become more complicated, however, working with an attorney is highly advisable. Employers and insurance providers often times try to short an injured worker of compensation, particularly in cases involving catastrophic injuries where a worker could be entitled to lifelong benefits. It is generally recommended that an injured worker seek the aid of an attorney if:  
  • Your employer denies the claim or does not pay the full benefit amount;
  • The workers’ compensation benefits do not cover all the medical expenses brought on by the injury;
  • You are receiving Social Security benefits;
  • The injury involves serious medical issues that prevent the worker from returning to work or fulfilling their former job duties;
  • Your employer retaliates against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim; and
  • If the injury presents a possible third-party claim.
  The basic rule of thumb for workers’ compensation claims is if there are any legal complications, working with a lawyer would most likely benefit the injured worker.  

What an Attorney Does

  Because they have extensive knowledge regarding the law and bureaucracy related to workers’ compensation, there are many benefits of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney will ensure that all the mandatory forms are filed correctly and on time. In addition, they will also provide advice, and help the injured worker to understand how to properly document the medical evidence and expenses to prove the severity of the injury. The attorney will also make sure the worker has a good estimate of what their case is worth so that they can work towards a fair settlement.  

Need Help Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

  Work injuries are stressful, especially when there are legal complications. Dealing with it all can be overwhelming. Although not necessary in every case, a workers’ compensation attorney can help guide you through the process and make sure you receive the settlement you deserve. The experienced legal team at Workers Compensation Lawyers have the skill set you need to file your claim and get the maximum benefits. If you are an injured worker in Atlanta and need help with your workers’ compensation claim or have any questions regarding the process, call us today to speak to a workers’ compensation attorney about your options. ]]>