Don’t Jeopardize Your Workers’ Comp Claim – Mistakes to Avoid in Georgia

If you get hurt at work, you’ll probably have no problem getting your workers’ comp benefits. Most people just do what they’re supposed to do. They report their injuries and see a company approved doctor. They get their benefits and return to work when they recover from their injuries.

If you don’t handle your workers’ comp claim the right way, you can end up jeopardizing your claim entirely. If this happens, you won’t receive replacement wages. Your medical care may also not be covered.

This is it’s important that you avoid some of the common pitfalls people make when they get hurt at work. If you avoid these mistakes, you shouldn’t have any trouble. However, if you make even simple mistakes, you can risk your workers’ comp claim being denied. If this happens, it can take weeks or even months to get your claim approved.

This is why we say you should call a workers’ comp attorney in Atlanta, Georgia as soon as you get hurt at work. You have no idea what could go wrong if you try to handle your workers’ comp claim yourself. An experienced workers’ comp attorney knows what to look out for.

You Need to Follow These Steps Immediately After Your Accident

Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides they’re going to get hurt at work. That’s why they’re called accidents. People get hurt at work every day. Thankfully, most injuries are minor. But for some people, the injuries are pretty serious. You could end up out of work for weeks or even months.

It’s important that you do the following things:

  • Take note of any witnesses who saw your accident
  • Report your injury to your manager and Human Resources
  • Fill out an incident or accident form
  • If your injury was caused by a car accident, call the police so you’ll have a police report
  • Don’t refuse treatment
  • See a company approved doctor

As long as follow these steps, you should have no problem getting your workers’ comp claim approved. However, one little mistake can make the difference between getting your benefits and getting nothing. That’s why you should really have an experienced Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer by your side.

The other thing is that, even if your claim is approved, you may do something along the way that caused your benefits to be terminated. You don’t want to do this. It will take months or even a year to fix some of the smallest mistakes.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Workers’ Comp Claim

All it takes is one mistake to jeopardize your benefits. You need to avoid making these common mistakes. You need to follow your company’s policies regarding work-related injuries. You also need to follow your doctor’s instructions. If you don’t do this, they can terminate your benefits.,

Once your benefits are terminated, you may not be able to get them back. Your workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia will do their best to keep this from happening.

Some of the most common mistakes you can make that terminate your benefits are:

  • You wait too long to report your accident to your employer
  • You refuse medical treatment
  • You don’t attend your doctor’s appointments as required
  • You are treated by someone other than a company approved doctor
  • You don’t keep your employer updated about your case
  • You make your injuries worse by doing things your doctor tells you not to do

These are the mistakes people make at the beginning of their claim. Your Human Resources manager can usually answer any questions you may have. So can your workers’ comp lawyer in Atlanta.

Here are Some of the Mistakes You Want to Avoid Making

There are some general mistakes people make that prevent their claims from being approved. These are all avoidable if you listen to your lawyer and use some common sense.

Here are some of the mistakes you could make that may jeopardize your workers’ comp claim in Georgia:

  • You post about your accident on social media
  • You tell too many people about your accident or injuries
  • You try to work somewhere else while receiving workers’ comp benefits
  • You lie about how you got hurt

We all make mistakes. That’s why it’s important to rely on an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Atlanta. Call Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition today and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

There’s too much at stake to try to handle this yourself. You know you’re not an expert. So trust in someone who is.