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It is not uncommon for employees to suffer on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation insurance, employees who hurt themselves or fall ill because of their work duties are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation claims are complex. You need the help of a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer that deals with maximum medical improvement in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

When an injured worker’s injuries improve to the point where it is medically impossible to improve further, the worker is said to have reached maximum medical improvement. However, the employee may still suffer disability and pain for as long as they live.

The employee’s authorized treating physician will determine that the employee’s condition will not improve in the foreseeable future or the employee has achieved MMI. Maximum medical improvement may occur while the worker is still getting medical treatment.

The employee’s assigned WC doctor will issue a permanent partial disability rating to represent the reduced bodily functions. The permanent partial disability rating may vary depending on what part of the worker’s body was injured. This rating plays a vital role in computing the disability benefits that the employee is entitled to.

Who Determines When You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement in Lithia Springs, GA?

Only a qualified physician can determine when a worker has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and not the insurance company, the employer, the therapist, or any other individual. The only professional who can decide that an employee has reached MMI is their assigned WC doctor.

To receive any disability benefits, the injured worker’s assigned WC doctor will have to certify that they have achieved MMI. When the employee’s doctor determines that they have reached MMI, they will assign them a Permanent Partial Disability Rating.

According to Georgia’s workers’ compensation law, an employee will continue to receive temporary disability benefits even after he or she achieves maximum medical improvement. In Lithia Springs, employees typically settle their workers’ compensation cases when they reach maximum medical improvement.

The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Lithia Springs can help you recover maximum disability benefits for your on-the-job injuries.

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Can I Continue Receiving Medical Treatment After an MMI Diagnosis?

Yes. Generally, you will continue to receive medical treatment even after you reach maximum medical improvement since you are bound to feel pain or be disabled for the rest of your life.

Even after your assigned workers’ compensation attorney has determined that you have achieved MMI in Lithia Springs, you can get an assessment from a different physician if you believe you haven’t reached MMI.

If the second doctor examines you and decides that there are other treatments that can boost your condition, workers’ compensation will pay for further treatment.

What If You Can’t Return to Work and Perform the Same After MMI?

If your employer can’t offer you a suitable position in their organization, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for vocational rehabilitation to help you acquire new skills. A vocational counselor can help you obtain a list of job interviews that suit your current physical condition.

If you don’t attend these interviews, you risk losing the workers’ compensation benefits that you are currently on after achieving maximum medical improvement in Lithia Springs.

Why Get a Lawyer for Lithia Springs Maximum Medical Improvement?

Reaching maximum medical improvement has an impact on your future. Once you make this realization, you will understand the importance of having a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer in your corner. Your attorney should have vast experience and a successful track record of handling WC claims, particularly maximum medical improvement cases in Lithia Springs, GA.

The Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition attorneys are well versed in handling workers’ compensation lawsuits in Lithia Springs. If you need quality and reliable representation at any stage of the workers’ compensation claims process, then we are the perfect choice because we understand the impact reaching maximum medical improvement has had on every aspect of your life.

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