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Work-related injuries can be devastating to the sufferer and their loved ones emotionally, physically, and financially. Fortunately, state and federal law provides that if workers are hurt or become ill on the job, they may be entitled to certain entitlements, including medical care, lost wages, and other workers’ comp benefits. But the process can be overwhelming and doesn’t always have the best outcome for the injured worker.

If you have sustained injuries or suffered an illness on the job, the Lithia Springs workers’ compensation lawyers at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition can maximize your chance of a successful outcome. We are dedicated to helping injured workers throughout the state of Georgia with their workers’ comp claims. Call us today at 470-518-5026 for a free initial consultation.

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What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of “no-fault” insurance coverage that provided entitlements to injured workers who develop an illness or suffer an injury in the course of or as a result of their employment.

An experienced Lithia Springs workers’ compensation lawyer can advise you on Georgia’s workers’ compensation eligibility.

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What Should I Do If I Sustain a Work-Related Injury?

Here is what you need to do if you suffer a work-related injury in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

Report Your Injury to Your Employer

First and foremost, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation emphasizes that if possible, report your injury to your supervisor or employer immediately after a workplace injury. However, if you need immediate medical attention, prioritize your health as you have 30 days from the date of the accident to report the incident and injury.

See an Authorized Physician

After you suffer a work-related injury, you need to seek medical attention ASAP. Make an appointment with an authorized medical provider to be evaluated and receive medical care. Your employer is required by Georgia law to post a list of at least six authorized medical providers. However, if you require emergency medical treatment, you can visit the nearest physician.

Document Your Injury and Symptoms and Take Photos of Your Injuries

It is often helpful to document your injuries and symptoms. If possible, start a journal detailing a personal record of your symptoms and take photos of your injuries. Doing so can help keep your memory fresh and provide essential timeline events.

File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim with the Help of a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Although the assistance of a workers’ comp attorney is not required to file your claim, an experienced Lithia Springs workers’ comp lawyer help you understand your rights fully, file your claim within the set time limits, and obtain all the benefits to which you are entitled to in a timely manner.

Rest and Recuperate

Even with proper medical care, if you don’t take time to rest and recuperate, you risk your and right to claim workers’ comp benefits. Ensure that you rest, go to all follow-up care appointments, and follow your treating physician’s orders.

What Are the Most Common Work-Related Accidents & Injuries?

In 2018/19, an estimated 78,000 individuals suffered non-fatal injuries and illnesses on the job among Georgia’s private industry workers. Additionally, more than 200 workers died from work-related injuries, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

Tragically, work-related accidents can happen even in the safest work environments. A significant number of workers’ compensation claims involve the following top 10 common accidents and injuries:

  • Back / Neck Injuries from overexertion
  • Construction accidents
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Hearing Loss
  • Violence at work
  • Machinery accidents
  • Amputations
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Work-related auto accidents

Regardless of the cause of the accident or the type of injury you sustained, the dedicated and experienced Lithia Springs workers’ comp attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition can help you find relief. Call us to have a compassionate and skilled attorney by your side.

Why Should I Hire a Lithia Springs Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

The process of filing a workers’ comp claim can be overwhelming, and making mistakes can be costly and even cause delayed or denied claims. Our Lithia Springs workers’ comp attorneys can take the burden of handling every aspect of your workers’ comp claim from the get-go to result in a successful claim. We can help by:

  • Determining if your injuries are really eligible for Georgia’s workers’ comp benefits
  • Making sure you understand all your options
  • Filing your claim correctly and within set deadlines
  • Gather evidence, including obtaining all relevant medical records and accident reports to prove your claim and severity of injuries
  • Negotiating with employers’ insurance carriers for a fair settlement
  • Representing you at any hearings with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  • Appealing any denials
  • Filing a third-party personal injury claim in cases where it is warranted

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How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Lithia Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Most workers’ comp attorneys in Lithia Springs will take your case on a contingency fee basis. In simple terms, our lawyers won’t take any money from you until we are victorious in recovering a settlement or award. According to the State Board of Workers Compensation, lawyers handling worker’s compensation cases shall not charge a fee greater than 25% of the workers’ award or settlement.

What Should I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied?

Unfortunately, many workers’ compensation claims are wrongfully denied by insurance companies, leaving injured employees confused, angry, and lost. As the bills pile up, you might find it difficult to focus on recovery and instead worry about how you’re going to keep your family afloat and get back on your feet.

But don’t give up just yet! If your claim is denied, you can file an appeal before an administrative law judge. You can also appeal a decision made by the administrative law judge before the full Board of Workers’ Compensation.

If your claim has been denied or you have questions about appealing your Lithia Springs workers’ comp claim, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced Lithia Springs workers’ compensation lawyers at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition.

What Are the Employee’s Responsibilities When Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Workers who sustain an injury on the job or suffer a work-related illness in Lithia Springs, Georgia, have four primary responsibilities when filing a workers’ comp claim:

  • First, the injured employee needs to seek medical care, whether that’s at the nearest ER, occupational medicine clinic, or from an authorized medical provider.
  • Second, the injured worker must promptly report the injury or illness to their manager, supervisor, or employer. (the time limit for notifying your employer of a workplace accident is 30 days from the accident date)
  • Third, the injured employee must accept reasonable medical care and follow the treating physician’s orders.
  • Finally, an injured employee must attempt to return to work, either full-time or part-time, in a role approved by the authorized treating doctor even if the pay is less than what they used to get paid when they were injured.

What Responsibilities Do Employers Have in Georgia’s Workers’ Comp Process?

Below is an outline of the primary responsibilities of an employer in the unfortunate event of a worker injury at work.

  • Address the safety issues
  • File the First Report of Injury to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier
  • Respond promptly to request for further investigation and additional information
  • Assist the injured employee in obtaining first aid and medical care by posting a list of authorized medical providers
  • Support and welcome recovered workers back to work

Can I Be Fired for Claiming Workers’ Comp Benefits?

No. An employee cannot be fired because of making a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia. If this occurs, several legal avenues, such as a discrimination claim and unfair dismissal applications, can be pursued.

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Is There a Deadline to File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Lithia Springs, GA?

Important: If you decide to file a claim for entitlements after a workplace injury or illness, time is of the essence.

Injured workers must notify their employers or supervisors about the incident or injury within 30 days of the date of injury or discovery or the illness.

Workers’ compensation claims in Georgia must be commenced within 1 year of being hurt.

To increase the chances of success for your claim, make sure to adhere to the time limits mentioned above. Call us at 470-518-5026 for more info on other time limits that may be relevant to your case.

Can I Sue My Employer?

No – Generally, an injured worker who files a claim for compensation after a workplace injury through the workers’ compensation program cannot sue their employer.

However, while you cannot sue your employer for a work injury, our Lithia Springs workers’ comp attorneys will diligently pursue all potential avenues of recovery for you, including third-party lawsuits.

Do Independent Contractors Qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits in Georgia?

No. Independent contractors are not eligible to claim entitlements through Georgia’s workers’ compensation program. That part of the Georgia law is very clear. However, things get complicated when employers misclassify employees in an attempt to cut corners.

If you’ve been hurt in the course of your employment, our workers’ comp attorneys in Lithia Springs may be able to help. Contact us today.

What Is My Lithia Springs Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth?

The value of your worker’s compensation in Lithia Springs depends on numerous factors such as your average weekly wage before the injury, the existence of permanent injury, whether or not you are capable of returning to work, etc. When our lawyers take on your case, we will turn every stone to make sure we claim all the benefits you deserve.

Workers’ compensation will pay for all necessary medical care and treatment expenses related to your work-related illness or injury, as long as it’s prescribed by your authorized treating medical provider. Including:

  • Medical treatment and prescription medications
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Hospital expenses
  • Mileage expenses related to your treatment
  • Temporary total disability and temporary partial disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability and permanent total disability benefits

Contact Our Lithia Springs Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

When you’re hurt at work or suffer a work-related illness, all the technicalities that accompany your worker’s comp claim can quickly become overwhelming. You don’t have to shoulder everything alone. Let our Lithia Springs workers’ compensation attorneys handle Georgia’s legal system while you focus on getting better.

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