Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Monroe

It is the duty of the employer to ensure that workers are protected and covered while at work. Moreover, the employees are also entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Monroe, Georgia if a work-related injury or illness occurs. Work-related accidents can lead to severe or minor injuries that can affect the performance of an employee as well as his or her lifestyle. With workers’ compensation insurance, an employee can be compensated for all damages related to the work injury.

As an employee, you also need to understand that the compensation process is never an easy one. That is because not everyone wants you to receive the benefits that you are lawfully entitled to, such as the insurance companies. Because of this reason, it is vital that you seek the assistance of a Monroe workers’ compensation lawyer to help you protect your interests and rights.

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Are There Limits on Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Georgia?

The main purpose of workers’ compensation is to ensure that employees do not continue to suffer after sustaining a work-related injury. Furthermore, it also protects employers from possible lawsuits that can be filed by workers for work-related accidents.

In Georgia, every business with three or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation regulations and laws are different in every state. Moreover, workers’ compensation income limits also vary from state to state. Because of this reason, your workers’ compensation lawyer will do what it takes to receive a fair settlement or benefits that can cover all your damages.

Therefore, if you are not sure of which benefits you are entitled to or how much your claim is worth, contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Monroe, Georgia, and we will help you determine what your workers’ compensation claim is worth.

Types Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Monroe, Georgia

In Monroe, Georgia, all employees have the legal right to seek workers’ compensation benefits after sustaining a work-related injury. Moreover, you also need to understand that as an employee, the type of benefits that are awarded are defined by the severity of your injuries as well as the type of work-related accident that you were involved in.

Below are the types of workers’ compensation benefits awarded in Georgia.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

This type of benefit is usually awarded to an employee who is recovering from treatment after sustained a work-related injury. Moreover, the benefit comes with a holding period that lasts at least seven days. Temporary total disability benefits can be forced to last for almost 500 weeks if the condition of the injured employee does not improve.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD)

Employees who have recovered after sustaining a work-related injury or illness are entitled to temporary partial disability benefits if they get fewer wages than they did before the injury. Therefore, because of this reason, this type of benefit is also considered to be a wage-loss benefit, and it has a holding period of seven days.

Concept of workers' compensation benefits in Monroe, Georgia

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

This type of benefit is only awarded when an injured employee reaches the maximum medical improvement limit after sustained a work-related illness or injury. However, before this happens, the injured employee’s doctor is required by law to provide the MMI. That means that the injured employee’s physician will determine whether the condition of the patient can improve or not.

If the condition cannot improve, then the injured employee will be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits. However, in such situations, victims are left nursing serious wounds while others continue to suffer from chronic pain, deformity, and even disability.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

This type of benefit is only awarded if an injured employee meets all the required demands. That is because these types of benefits are awarded for an extended period or lifetime. However, you also need to understand that these benefits are also awarded to injured employees for losing a part of their body such as the eye, foot, or hand.

Monroe Workers Compensation Benefits Infographic

How Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Calculated in Georgia?

There are a number of factors that are used to determine how much a worker’s compensation claim or case is worth. These factors are the severity of the injuries sustained and the kind of work-related accident. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will consider these primary factors when determining the type of compensation benefits you are entitled to get.

For example, for temporary disability benefits, an employee can be awarded weekly pay based on 2/3 of the weekly average gross pay. Moreover, you also need to understand that this type of pay can last for more than thirteen weeks.

However, if an employee sustains permanent impairment because of a work-related accident, then he or she is entitled to 75% of the total temporary disability rates.

When it comes to dealing with permanent total disability cases, 75% of the temporary disability rate is calculated together with the yearly medical expenses and the cost necessary for new living adjustments. These benefits will be awarded to the victim until he or she reaches the age of 62 years old.

The reason why victims are entitled to this benefits for only this period is that at the age of 62, he or she will be entitled to social security retirement benefits.

Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Taxed?

Workers’ compensation benefits are not taxed in Georgia. That means the injured employee will be entitled to full reward without having to worry about any deductions.

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