What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney?

If you need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, one of the first things you will ask yourself is: should I hire a lawyer or handle the claim on my own?  We will help explain the benefits of hiring an Atlanta workers comp lawyer.

We will also explain why people may be reluctant to seek legal help because of misconceptions. Contact us today for a free case review.

Benefits of Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer

An Atlanta workers comp lawyer plays a crucial role in helping you get the benefits you deserve.

1. Correct and Timely Filing of All Documents

One of the most common reasons why workers comp claims are denied is filing required documents incorrectly or notifying about the accident too late. In Georgia, you must report the workplace incident to your employer within 30 days.

Also, you must follow up with your employer and make sure that they fill in the WC-1 First Report of Injury and submit it to their workers’ compensation insurer.

All these aspects can be overwhelming if you suffer severe and painful injuries. You need to focus on getting better. A lawyer can handle all these aspects competently, and make sure that your claim process follows all the legal requirements.

2. Representation Throughout the Claim Process

Your employer does not handle a workers comp claim on their own. They rely on their insurance company and its insurance adjusters. These are trained professionals who know Georgia workers’ compensation laws very well. However, they will use this knowledge to find any issues with your claim and deny it.

Having an Atlanta workers comp attorney by your side levels the playing field. You, too, will have a trained professional by your side, with extensive knowledge of the law and fighting for your rights.

3. Better Chances of Obtaining a Higher Settlement Amount

Negotiating workers comp benefits is extremely complex. It involves:

  • Knowledge of the law
  • Accurate calculation of all medical care costs
  • Evaluation of wage replacement amounts
  • Knowledge of legal precedents that can help your case.

An experienced lawyer will work to persuade the insurance company to accept a fair settlement that covers all your medical care costs and gives you sufficient wage replacements to keep your family from debt.

an Atlanta workers comp lawyer will protect your rights

This is also proven by a study conducted by a developer of tech solutions for the insurance field. They demonstrated that workers with lawyers consistently get higher settlement amounts than those who represent themselves in the claim process.

4. Navigating the Appeal Process If Your Claim Is Denied

If the insurance company denies your workers comp claim, you will need a lawyer to guide you through the complex appeal process. Your attorney will ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and on time. They will prepare a strong legal argument to present your case effectively.

The Cons: Fact or Fiction?

There could be several reasons why someone might hesitate to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Don’t let these common concerns stop you from reaching out to an attorney.

Myth: A Lawyer Is Too Expensive

Some people might worry about the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. However, most workers’ compensation lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

This means they only get paid if you win your case. They typically take a percentage of the settlement, making it a financially viable option for most workers.

Misconception: Fear of Retaliation

Employees might fear retaliation from their employer if they hire a lawyer. It’s important to note that it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

A lawyer can provide guidance on how to protect your rights and what steps to take if you face retaliation.

Talk to an Atlanta Workers Comp Lawyer!

The final step before making up your mind is talking to an Atlanta workers comp lawyer. We offer each new client a free case review. You are under no obligation to sign a retainer agreement.

Schedule an appointment and make sure to bring as much evidence concerning your case as possible. An experienced lawyer will tell you if you have a valid claim and how to proceed. Call us now at 470-518-5026 !