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When you are injured while performing your job in Newnan, Georgia, you are entitled to claim medical and other benefits from workers’ compensation insurance. Georgia’s workers’ compensation law is quite complex, so you’ll want a professional to help you get your workers’ compensation benefits in Newnan.

Workers’ compensation insurance guarantees medical expenses, lost wages, disability benefits, and even death benefits when an employee is injured or succumbs to his/her injuries at work. The most important thing is to hire the best Newnan workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your claim. There are many lawyers in the area but all of these professionals are not top-notch.

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Georgia’s Workers Compensation Income Limits

Workers’ comp pay in Georgia is approximately 2/3rds of the average weekly wage of the injured employee. The pay is calculated based on the actual salary received by the employee at the time of injury. But there is an upper limit to what an injured employee can receive per week. The maximum possible pay is $675 per week.

For example, if the injured employees’ 2/3rds salary is more than $675, he or she will be paid only $675. The most important thing about these benefits is they are not taxed unless the injured employee is positioned in a new light-duty capacity and receives a reduced salary.

The reduced salary will be taxed according to workers’ comp laws in Georgia.

Newnan Workers Compensation Benefits Infographic

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Newnan, GA

Workers’ comp insurance pays four types of disability benefits to all injured employees in Newnan, GA. The relevant benefits may depend on the extent of the injury of the employee as well as how long he or she takes to recover from the injuries.

Here are the four types of workers’ comp benefits:

Temporary Partial Benefits – TPD

TPD benefits are paid to employees who are not totally disabled due to the injuries they suffered as a result of the workplace accident. These employees are granted partial disability status and permitted to work in a light-duty capacity. The employee will earn a reduced salary compared to what he or she earned before the injuries.

TPD is designed to fill the gap between the two salaries. TPD benefits will be calculated according to 2/3rds of the weekly salary of the injured employee. The upper limit in Georgia is $450 per week. The benefits will stop after 350 weeks from the date of the accident.

Concept of workers' compensation benefits in Newnan, Georgia

Temporary Total Benefits – TTD

Temporary total benefits are paid to injured employees who are put on light duty but the company doesn’t have such a position for the employee. A 7-day waiting period is observed before TTD benefits kick in. If the injured employee cannot work for 7 days as a result of the injuries, they are eligible to receive TTD.

But if the employee is out of work for 21 days due to the injuries, he or she can claim benefits for the waiting period too. TTD is based on the average weekly salary of the injured worker. The upper limit in Georgia is $675 and the benefits will continue for a period of 400 weeks from the date of the injury.

Permanent Partial Benefits – PPD

An injured worker will be eligible for PPD when he or she reaches maximum medical improvement or MMI. The authorized physician will certify that the injured employee is unable to further improve medically. When the injured employee qualifies to receive PPD, he or she is not eligible to receive TTD or TPD anymore.

PPD calculations are done based on 2/3rds of the average weekly salary of the injured employee. The upper limit in Georgia is $675 per week.

Permanent Total Benefits – PTD

PTD benefits are rare in Georgia. PTD is paid when an employee is totally disabled as a result of a workplace accident and cannot work in any capacity anymore. The worker has to lose both legs, feet, arms, hands, or vision in both eyes to qualify for PTD. The calculation is similar to PPD calculations. The only difference is PTD benefits are paid for a lifetime and won’t expire in 400 weeks.

How Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Calculated in Georgia?

Workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia are calculated according to the weekly salary of the injured employee. Disability benefits are approximately two-thirds of the average weekly salary of the employee. Georgia has a maximum limit for disability benefits which is $675 per week.

The employee will be paid $675 a week if 2/3rds of his/her average weekly salary exceeds $675.

Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Taxed in Georgia?

No. Workers’ comp benefits are not taxed in Newnan, GA. But the settlement amounts might need to be reported to the IRS under some circumstances.

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