Workers’ Compensation Disputes in Newnan

When you are injured at work, you are eligible to claim workers’ compensation in Newnan for your injuries from workers’ compensation insurance. But you won’t be automatically entitled to receive workers’ comp claim benefits as soon as you are injured at work.

The employer or his insurance company can deny your claim. You need to hire a reputable and experienced law firm to handle your Newnan workers’ compensation dispute.

Newnan has its own share of law firms, but all these firms are not created the same. Proper homework is crucial to picking the right workers’ comp attorney to handle your claim and obtain the maximum benefits for your injuries. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition is your trusted law firm to handle your claim.

We have years of experience handling workers’ comp claims in Georgia. Our lawyers know what you are going through as a result of your accident and subsequent injuries.

We will always treat you as a person and not just a number. That is why you need to rely on our experienced Newnan workers’ comp attorneys to claim maximum medical and disability benefits for your workplace injuries.

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Causes of Newnan Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Your employer or their insurance provider can deny or dispute workers’ comp claims for many reasons. For example, if you haven’t followed the due process of reporting and filing the claim, the employer or his insurance company can deny your workers’ comp claim.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your employer or the insurance company may deny part or all of your workers’ comp benefits:

Failure to Report the Accident to Your Employer

You have only 30 days from the date of the accident to report the incident to your employer or his representative. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you should report them to the employer or your immediate supervisor as soon as possible to avoid the claim being rejected by the employer or his insurance provider.

The Injuries Didn’t Happen While You Were Working

If the employer thinks and proves that your injuries occurred outside the scope of your duties, he can deny part or full benefits under workers’ comp. You need to work with a reliable lawyer to present your case properly and claim maximum benefits in the process.

Information Not Adequate

If the employer or his insurance provider thinks that the information you provided about the accident is inadequate, they can deny part or full benefits. You should take photos or video the accident and the visible injuries to prove it to your employer. Keep a record of all the details to prove your case.

Failure to Go Through a Drug Test

If you deny going through a drug test as requested by the employer, they can deny your claim. Workers’ comp insurance doesn’t pay compensation to employees who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the injuries occurred.

The employer has the right to request that you go through a drug or alcohol test to prove your eligibility for the claim.

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Not Getting Medical Attention

Failure to undergo immediate medical treatments will not only jeopardize your health but your chances of getting compensated for your injuries. If you don’t seek medical attention, your employer may claim that the injuries occurred at some other place and not while working.

Having a Pre-Existing Condition or Injury

If a pre-existing condition has been aggravated by the accident, workers’ comp insurance should compensate you for the relevant injuries. But you need to disclose the pre-existing injury or condition in your claim form. If not, the employer or his insurance company can deny part or full benefits.

What to Do If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is in Georgia?

Your employer or the insurance provider should give a valid reason for denying part or all of your claim. When your WC claim is denied for whatever reason, and you think it is unfair, you can file an appeal with Georgia’s State Board Of Workers’ Compensation.

An administrative judge will begin the hearing of your appeal within 60 days of submitting the WC-14 form.

Types of Workers’ Comp Disputes in Newnan, GA

Even though different types of workers’ comp claims exist in Newnan Georgia, the two most common types of disputes that affect the majority of injured employees in Newnan include:

Claim Disputes

Claim disputes should be negotiated with the employer or his insurance provider. You should work with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Newnan to handle claim disputes.

Some of the most common claim disputes are average weekly wage disputes, the extent of injury disputes, disability benefit disputes, compensability disputes, and more.

Medical Disputes

There can be disputes concerning the medical opinions relevant to the treatment of the injured worker. A lawyer can help resolve the medical dispute and speed up your claim.

The Workers’ Compensation Dispute & Appeals Process in Georgia

First, you need to file a notice of claim to begin the appeals process in Newnan, GA. The WC-14 form should be filed with Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation. A copy of the appeal should be sent to your employer and his insurance company.

An administrative law judge should take up your appeal within 60 days of filing it.

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