Rome Maximum Medical Improvement

Workers may sustain injuries or become sick from their jobs. If you’ve fallen ill or injured yourself in the workplace in Rome or elsewhere, you’re eligible to claim the compensation you are entitled to under workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia. Compensation claims for workers’ compensation are complex and require the help of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who is able to handle Rome’s maximum medical improvement cases.

Rome has a lot of Workers’ Compensation lawyers, however, all of them are not top-notch. It is essential to conduct your research prior to choosing the most suitable WC lawyer to represent your claim. Your employer and his insurance company will rely on the top WC attorneys to protect their side of the case.

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What Exactly Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), And How Can It Be Of Help?

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is when an employee’s injuries are as good as possible, but the patient may still experience pain and disability for the rest of their lives. Once the maximum improvement is reached the medical professional will decide that the employee cannot continue to improve. MMI can occur while the employee is still receiving treatment. The aim of the treatment is to maintain a certain level of functionality within the employee. When it comes to pain management, the treatments may be continued.

An employee will receive a permanent handicap that indicates a decrease in body functions. This rating can vary depending on which body part was damaged in an accident. This is crucial when determining how many disability benefits an employee should receive.


Rome Maximum Medical Improvement

Who Determines If An Employee Has Reached Rome Maximum Medical Improvement

A qualified medical practitioner must determine whether the patient has reached maximum medical improvement or MMI. The insurance company, employer, or physical therapist anyone else cannot decide the highest level of medical improvement for the employee who has been injured. Only a licensed treating physician can determine the MMI. In fact, even if the injured worker feels that he or she is recovered and is ready to go, they cannot receive any disability benefit without the approval of the treating physician.

If the person is able to reach MMI attained, they are granted a permanent handicap rating. Georgia’s state legislature has established a formula for calculating the rating in the form of a dollar. According to Georgia’s worker’s compensation law, every body part is worth a specific amount of weeks of disability benefits.

Temporary disability benefits for injured employees should not be stopped just because they have reached MMI. Georgia law ensures these benefits to injured employees regardless of whether or not he has reached MMI. Most of the time that the injured worker reaches MMI and is able to prove that they are injured, it’s time to settle the matter. It is recommended to talk about your medical care with your WC lawyer at all times so that he or she can determine the best time to resolve your matter.

Do Medical Treatments Continue After An MMI Diagnose?

The treatment you receive is able to continue even after you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement. If your doctor does not think you’re at maximum medical improvement, another doctor can give you another opinion. Workers’ compensation can be able to cover additional treatment in the event that the second doctor concludes that you require other treatment.

What Happens If You’re Incapable Of Returning To Work On The Same Levels After The Diagnosis Of MMI?

If you’re not able to find a new job with the company you work for, WC can help you with vocational rehabilitation. That means you need to talk to an occupational counselor to receive a weekly list of job interviews that you are bound to take part in or you will lose benefits.

We Can Help You Understand Your Rome Maximum Medical Improvement.

When you are aware of the importance of reaching MMI will have on your future it’s clear the need for a skilled WC lawyer to manage your case. A WC lawyer must have expertise in similar cases and be capable of handling your particular scenario. A WC lawyer should have a lot of knowledge of settling successfully WC claims in Rome GA.

Workers Compensation Lawyers Coalition Rome is a highly-skilled group of personal injury lawyers who specialize in worker’s compensation claims in Rome. They understand the effects of your accident and how it’s changed your life. They can represent you in every phase of worker’s compensation.

Contact A Lawyer For Workers’ Compensation Attorney To Discuss Your Maximum Medical Enhancement

You have the right to seek an amount of compensation from your employer if you suffer an injury while at work. Georgia’s workers’ compensation law is complex and requires expert help in handling your claim. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Rome is your trusted advisor to assist you with your claim. Contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Rome for a free assessment of your claim and learn about your rights as a legal person to claim benefits in Rome GA.