Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Snellville

Considering how fast-paced contemporary society is these days, incidences of work injuries have become rampant. When employers or business owners don’t take appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of their employees, it may put lives at risk, usually resulting in devastating injuries that come with life-long ramifications. The right lawyer can help you get workers’ compensation benefits in Snellville, Georgia.

If you reside and/or work in Snellville, GA, you are likely under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. Georgia Laws mandate that businesses with three employees must take out a workers’ compensation insurance policy. The coverage offers benefits for death benefits, disability benefits, medical expenses, and lost wages. Unfortunately, not every employer or insurer will be willing to disburse the injured worker’s compensation benefits. This is why you need to consult with a Snellville workers’ compensation lawyer about your workers’ compensation benefits claim.

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Income Limits

The workers’ compensation income amount in the State of Georgia is two-thirds of the average weekly wage the victim earns, although a lot is contingent on the accident date and actual salary amount.

Still, there are limits on the compensable amount an employee is subject to receive. For example, $675 is the optimum weekly payable amount for temporary total disability. If after the calculations it is determined that two-thirds of the salary amount of the injured employee is over $675 per week, the injured worker will get the maximum amount which is $675.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Snellville, Georgia

Worker’s compensation insurance in Snellville, GA pays for 4 types of compensation benefits. They include:

Temporary Total Disability Benefits in GA Workers’ Comp (TTD)

A work injury employee qualifies to get temporary total disability benefits when their attending physician establishes that the victim of the work injury is incapable of working or they recommends the employee be allocated light-duty work and that a light-duty role in the company isn’t available.

Note that the employee will have to wait for 7 days for the disability benefits. If the workplace injury victim is unable to do work for 7 days, they are eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits.

The benefits to be awarded to the injured employee are typically computed as two-thirds of the average salary amount per week. For employees hurt on or after July 1st, 2019, there’s a cap of $675. An employee can receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits for a maximum of up to 400 weeks following the injury date.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits in GA Workers’ Comp (TPD)

These benefits are awarded when the injuries sustained haven’t entirely disabled the worker. In such circumstances, the injured worker is given partial disability status and can perform their responsibilities in a limited capacity.

To put it differently, the employee will be reinstated back to their work duties but the said employee will be making less compared to their pre-injury wage. Temporary Partial Disability Benefits are intended to provide coverage to offset the salary difference that results from the work injury.

They are computed at the rate of two-thirds of your average salary per week. The cap per week is $450 and you are eligible to receive these benefits for a period not exceeding 350 weeks following the accident date.

Concept of workers' compensation benefits in Snellville, Georgia

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits in GA Workers Comp (PPD)

Georgia workers’ compensation statutes stipulate that when a person attains maximum medical improvement (MMI) after getting hurt while doing their job, they are eligible to receive permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits. MMI is used to refer to a situation where the health condition of the injured worker is not looking to get better.

When an injured employee gets PPD benefits, they don’t qualify to get either TTD or TPD benefits. Instead of getting these benefits every week, injured employees can receive them in one big lump sum.

With regard to the calculations, it will be a multiplication of the impairment rating established by an approved physician and number of permissible weeks for the injured part. This essentially means that the hurt employee qualifies to get reimbursement for the injury afflicted to a certain body part.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits in GA Workers’ Comp (PTD)

There are no Permanent Total Disability Benefits in GA.

How Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Calculated in Snellville, GA?

There are 3 main methods of calculating workers’ compensation benefits in Snellville, Georgia.

  • Earnings from the past 13 weeks: This is the frequently used method for computing the average weekly salary of a work injury victim. It’s done by computing the average amount the employee earned in the preceding 13 weeks of the mishap.
  • Other co-workers’ wages: If it is found that the employee didn’t put in a lot of work in the previous 13 weeks leading to the work mishap, the earnings of similar co-workers will be taken into account to come up with the average weekly earnings.
  • Contracted Hire Rate: If the aforementioned methods are not applicable, this method is best. It’s done by multiplying the hourly wage by the number of hours contracted.

Are Workers Compensation Benefits in Georgia Taxed?

Per Georgia workers’ comp laws, benefits acquired from a workers’ compensation claim in Snellville, GA is not subject to IRS taxation.

Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim

Getting your deserved workers’ compensation benefits is not as straightforward as one may presume. That’s why you need the services of a seasoned lawyer. A workers’ compensation attorney can assist you to file your claim correctly and on time so that you get the highest compensable amount possible.

Insurance companies are all the same and will always try to minimize their liability even when it comes to workers’ compensation. At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Snellville, GA, you can be assured of getting your benefits as we have successfully done the same for thousands of employees.

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