Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Villa Rica

Properly reporting a work-related injury in Villa Rica is a crucial step required to receive your benefits. Likewise, there are several responsibilities that employees are expected to follow to remain eligible. Insurance companies may argue that you did not follow your responsibilities in an effort to dispute your claim. It’s imperative that you understand these responsibilities and adhere to them throughout the entire claims process.

A dispute from the insurance provider does not necessarily mean you will never receive benefits. Claim disputes are quite common and a significant portion of them are eventually overturned. You can make it easier to overturn a dispute by working with a Villa Rica workers’ compensation attorney like our team at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition.

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How Long Do I Have in Reporting a Work Injury in Villa Ricca, Georgia?

Your first responsibility as an injured worker is reporting the injury to your employer. You can report to them directly or to a working supervisor. The timeframe for reporting your workplace injury is 30 days. This same deadline also applies if you receive a diagnosis for an illness caused by your workplace environment.

The 30-day timeframe is important for employees and employers alike. The sooner you report your injury the faster you can begin receiving medical benefits. It also ensures that the employer has enough time to properly investigate the claim.

Ideally, you should report your workplace injury as soon as it occurs. If you wait until the 30-day limit has passed, then you will most likely be denied any medical or disability benefits.

Who Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury to?

If possible, you should report your injury directly to your employer. We understand this can be difficult or nearly impossible if you are employed at a very large business. If you cannot report directly to the employer, then you can report the injury to their representative instead. This applies to supervisors and any foreman who is at the site.

We recommend documenting the time and date you made the report as well as the person to whom you reported the injury. It is then their responsibility to pass the information up the chain to the correct parties.

Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

Employers have several key responsibilities that relate to workers’ compensation insurance.

Having Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The first and most obvious responsibility is investing in a workers’ comp insurance plan. This is a requirement of any business in Villa Ricca that has at least three regular employees. It is not required when working solely with independent contractors who lack an employee-employer relationship.

If you are injured while working with an employer who refused to secure an insurance policy, then that employer will be held responsible for the compensable injuries. The state will also add several fees and penalties to the claim. Finally, you will receive a ten percent increase in compensation from the employer. Employers ultimately save money by securing a reliable workers’ comp insurance policy.

Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

Their next responsibility is maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. If there are certain conditions that create an unnecessary risk to your health, then the employer must correct those conditions immediately. Any employer who does not maintain a safe work environment will receive a stiff penalty from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA).

Reporting the Injury

The third major responsibility of the employer is reporting the injury. The employer is responsible for filing a First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease with their insurance claims office. The insurance company cannot begin providing benefits until after this form has been filed. An employer who does not file this form within the allowed time limit will face multiple penalty fines.

Concept of Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Villa Rica

Employee Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

There are numerous employee responsibilities that you need to keep in mind if you do not want a dispute to arise.

Report Your Injury

The first responsibility is the requirement to report the injury as quickly as possible. Not reporting a work-related injury in Villa Rica, GA on time can cost you your benefits.

Follow All Safety Practices

You must also be sure that you were following all standard safety practices during the time of the accident. If you were injured because you failed to follow safety guidelines, then your claim will be denied. Likewise, your claim will be denied if there was willful misconduct involved.

Work With Your Physician

You will have an ongoing responsibility to work with your physician during the course of treatment. You must accept all forms of treatment recommended by the physician if they are considered reasonable. This also applies to physical therapy and rehabilitation. You will also need to attempt any work that is allowed by your treating physician. This applies even if the allowed work pays less than your previous wage.

File a Claim if Your Benefits Are Denied

If your benefits are denied, but you believe they should not be, then you have the responsibility to file a claim within one year of the accident date or the last date of medical treatment approved by the insurance provider. We advise working with a Villa Ricca workers’ compensation attorney at this point.

Submit Request for Reimbursement

If you want to receive compensation for the mileage traveled to receive medical care, then you have the responsibility to submit a request for reimbursement with the insurance provider. This request must be filed within one year from the date you encounter the expense. This applies to other forms of reimbursement related to your medical treatment as well.

Pass a Drug Test

You are also responsible for accepting and passing a drug test following an injury at your workplace. If it is shown that your injury occurred while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you can expect the insurance provider to deny your benefits.

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As an employee, your responsibilities are not necessarily difficult to follow. Simply report your injury in a timely manner, follow the guidance of your medical provider, and file any necessary forms within the given time limit. If you are worried about your responsibilities or the risk of denial, then you should immediately contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. Call 470-518-5026 to speak with a Villa Ricca workers’ comp lawyer at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition.