77-Year Old Man Kills One Worker and Injures Others in Georgia Construction Crash

When your loved one goes off to work in the morning, the last thing you expect is to never see them again. Unfortunately, when people do certain types of work, they’re exposed to different kinds of risks. Construction workers- especially road construction crews – are subject to these dangerous risks.

In Kingsland, Georgia, a crew was doing construction on Laurel Island Parkway. An impatient driver ended up driving through the construction lane, going about 50-60 mph. A 77-year old driver careened right into three men working on the side of the road.

After running the men over, the driver crashed into an excavator machine. There was also a worker on that machine. Road crew member Matt McGill noticed that his coworker, George Chester, was seriously injured in the accident. He was lying on the asphalt in very bad shape. McGill called to have an ambulance come to transport Chester to the hospital. Sadly, a coworker tried to administer CPR to Chester as he took his last breath. He never made it to the hospital.

Another worker, James Earnest, was also seriously injured. He suffered broken legs and lacerations. His condition was critical but he’s expected to survive.

The police have not released the name of the driver. Nor have they confirmed if alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash. However, the road crew believes that it was simply a matter of the driver being impatient and having absolutely no regard for the construction crew.

The police did confirm, however, that there are charges pending against the driver.

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Source: https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/one-dead-three-injured-when-car-crashes-into-road-construction-in-kingsland/992464617/

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