City Employee in Atlanta Killed While Repairing Sewer

For some people, getting a job with the city is a dream come true. You work pretty steady hours, get incremental raises and, if you last long enough, can retire with some great benefits. A lot of people who work for the city stay there their entire careers. Sadly, the family of Carl Newman will never get to see if that was the case.

Carl Newman worked for the office of Linear Infrastructure Operations in Atlanta. Basically, his department as in charge of making sure that all the drinking water lines in the city were working properly. He also had to make sure that the water that was delivered to residents in Atlanta is sanitary.

This week, Newman was working on a sewer located on Kirkwood Road. There was something wrong with the pipe and Newman was sent out to take a look at it. He realized the pipes were in need of repairs. He had to cut a piece of the pipe using a saw blade. Somehow, the saw blade became fractured and Newman was injured.

What we do know is that Newman died from his injuries in the work-related accident. What we don’t know is how that happened. All the city has released is that he was working on a pipe on Kirkwood. The investigation may still be ongoing. However, no further details have been released.

The family of the victim will certainly have the right to file a wrongful death claim. They may need to pursue the city as his employer and the manufacturer of the saw blade. It will depend on what the investigation reveals.

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